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Trekking the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia – part 3 (Travel Documentary 053)

Have you ever seen a never-ending field of ice? Then you have to hike the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia because you come to see the Southern Patagonian Icefield and I'm sure it will blow your mind! Watch the 3rd part of my video documentary from Chile and follow me to some nice vistas:

On Day 5 I had to get up very early, though I was still tired of the last stretch coming from the impressive Torres it has been a long day. Nevertheless I decided to go for the longest stretch on that day as the Mosquitos have been ridiculous (this is why I look a bit weird) at the campsite Serón.

Being the first on the trail was great and experiencing a sunrise while hiking is a great way to start. They way to Refugio Dickson was quite long but mostly easy to hike. Then again: numerous mosquitos all over the place! This is why I planned not to stay at this picturesque campsite (sad face) as other hikers told me about this fact and apparently mosquitos love me.

Hiking up to Los Perros was tough and at the end I felt the 30km I covered that day – somehow I became more and more used to this. The next day was hard to describe and I realized why most of the guides and rangers told me before that this is the best part of the park – the pass and the view to the Southern Patagonian Icefield as seen in the video make a lot of people cry when they reach this part of the circuit or “Q”.

As said I felt pretty OK and passed also the Camp Paso where I planned to stay and kept on hiking to the Refugio Grey knowing it will save me another day. I wasn't in a hurry but the whole hiking worked better than expected- the running and preparation during the weeks before were a good idea!
After my last night in the park it started to rain and I was totally soaked when I arrived at Paine Grande – this is when you're looking forward to return to civilization offering hot showers and a big Pizza :)

The journey goes on in the next episode with the visit of the Perito Moreno Glacier near El Calafate in Argentina. Meanwhile checkout the ultimate  Trekking Guide Torres del Paine with all informations needed to experience this awesome park on your own.
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Information from Wikipedia: Torres del Paine

Music: “Life” by Retaliate


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southern patagonian icefield torres del paine
Walking along the Galcier Grey is an unforgettable experience


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