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Steve Hänisch aka “BackPackerSteve” has been working as a travel guide author and documentary filmmaker since 2012. Based in beautiful Hamburg, he also spends a lot of time in Portugal and South America.

He started this website to provide useful travel information and tips based on his own experiences. Steve has published several travel guides and is a sought-after expert in independent travel and outdoor adventures.

In addition, Steve has made a name for himself as a filmmaker, captivating millions on YouTube with his documentaries. His Patagonia documentary won the best South America documentary at the 2022 LaTam Travel Video Awards in Colombia. He also had his own TV show “Check-In” on DW TV for 7 years, broadcasted in German, English, and Spanish worldwide.

steve haenisch_profile


Education & Professional Background

  • Diploma in Business Informatics with a focus on User Experience Design & Marketing, FH Nordakademie, graduated in 2007
  • UX Designer & Consultant for T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, 2007-2012
  • Video Journalist & Producer of “Globetrotter” for Deutsche Welle TV, 2016-2023
  • Video Producer, Author & Founder of, 2011 – present


Talks & Workshops

  • “How to get Views on YouTube in 2022”, Madeira, Workshop at KeyFrame 2022
  • “Taking the long way round: why active travel is the best way to see a destination”, London, Keynote at Destinations Travel Show 2020
  • “How to create quality travel videos”, Trentino, Workshop at Traverse 2019
  • “How to get Views & Build a dedicated audience on Youtube”, Hamburg, Workshop at KeyFrame 2019
  • “Why Quality Content is King”, London, Keynote at WTM 2018
  • “The takeover of Video Blogging”, Colombo, Keynote at TBC Asia 2016
  • “Video Blogging in collaboration with DMOs & Brands”, Colombo, Panel at TBC Asia 2014
  • “Video Blogging & the future of travel content creation”, London, Panel at WTM 2014
  • Press Conference Bulgaria, ITB, 2014

Steve's Books

Here you can find all the books that Steve Hänisch has published in recent years. Each paperback also has an affordable e-book version that you can purchase here on the website.

indonesia ebookIndonesia Travel Planning Kit (2023)
Composed after spending 10 weeks exploring the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and Flores, this eBook provides firsthand insights and invaluable tips that you won't find in generic travel guides.

Download now >

cover backpacking in chileBackpacking in Chile
In my comprehensive travel guide, you will find numerous Chile travel tips in a compact, clear form. The affordable guide includes route suggestions, hiking routes, and countless Chile tips.

Buy on Amazon >

argentinien cover Backpacking in Argentina
All my Argentina travel tips including many additional contents compiled in a clear, compact book.

Buy on Amazon >

Steve's Latest Posts

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