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All countries at a glance.

All countries that I've traveled to and wrote about. My travel guides are based on my personal experience or the experience of my guest authors.

You can either search for the destination you are looking for or select it from the list of countries below. In order to get the best search result type the name of city, region or country into the search box.


My home continent. No matter if you go for a city trip, a road trip or a vacation by the beach the variety you can find in Europe is second to none in the world.

Central America

Up for Surfing & Rafting in Costa Rica? I got you covered.

South America

After Europe I consider the South American continent my second home. Altogether I spent about 16 months exploring the diversity from Colombia all the way down to the remotest corners of Patagonia.


I only started to explore this continent recently. Here I've visited Sri Lanka extensively and spent several months in Indonesia.


Africa is home to my biggest outdoor adventure yet. This is where I climbed the highest mountain of my life, the Kilimanjaro.

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