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Travel Bags, Travel Backpacks, Travel Gadgets and Items – my recommendations for your next trip!

Before going on your next trip you should think about what to pack.
This list will help you as it is based on my experiences of many short and long-term trips. All listed items are in use / have been used by me or friends of mine and are highly recommendable. With the links provided you can check them out directly on Amazon (US or UK) without spending hours searching for them.

1) Travel Backpacks / Travel Bags

Choose your backpack or bag depending on the duration of your trip. For a few days in another city you might only need carry-on luggage – find suitable solutions below.

a) long term
travel bagOsprey & Berghaus Travel Backpacks (70+ liters)

These backpacks are quite similar and offer enough space to store all essentials you need for your next backpacking adventure. The Osprey(US customers) as well as the Berghaus (UK customers) are lightweight, comfortable and come with a lot of pockets to organize your stuff. High quality for a reasonable price!

> shown the Osprey on Amazon (US)
> shown the Berghaus on Amazon (UK)

b) short trip / city break
A special carry on bag is the best choice for short trips – the following products are accepted by most airlines and offer enough space to store all following items on the list.

Cabin MaxCabin Max / eBags Backpack

I prefer the Backpack, the Cabin Max is inexpensive and very spacious but only sold in Europe – in the US you should order the similar “eBags Weekend”. Both are very spacious, handy and accepted by the airlines as carry-on luggage.

> show eBags on Amazon (US)
> show Cabin Max on Amazon (UK)

Samsonite HandgepäckkofferSamsonite Cabin Suitcase

If you prefer the fancy option with wheels this one is a good choice: stable, comfortable and high quality. The UK version even comes with a lock. Both are accepted as hand luggage.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

c) Daypack

Tatonka Daypack StanfordFoldable Daypack

Additionally I recommend taking a daypack with you – while discovering the city it helps you to carry water, camera and jackets. These products are foldable so you can store them easily in your big bag when in transfer.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)


2) Camera & Gadgets

Nowadays a few Gadgets are really helpful while traveling – you can do some last minute online research, take snapshots and share moments with your friends immediately. The following devices are my personal favorites and proofed to be very useful during the last 2 years:

a) Camera

GoPro HeroGoPro Hero 3

Since more than 2 years this little genius is my travel companion. Until today I produced more than 75 video episodes with the most versatile camera: it is robust, waterproof, small and easy to handle.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

sony nexSony NEX 5

If you want DSLR quality but don’t want to carry around a DSLR you should have a deeper look into this Sony camera. I really love it as it is easy to handle and produces great photos without being a professional photographer. This Compact Interchangeable Lens camera costs less than a DSLR and fits in your pocket.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)


Mini Tripod – since I’m using the GoPro I cannot imagine using it without this flexible travel tripod: small, handy and useful for night shots for both cameras mentioned above.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

b) Apps, Reader & Social Media

iPod TouchiPod Touch 5

Comes with all the features of the iPhone (except the ability to make calls) but is less then half the price. Prefect for Instagram Snapshots, short Facebook sessions, useful apps (offline maps, wikipedia, dictionary) and of course: Music.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

Asus Nexus 7Asus Nexus 7 Tablet

Tablet – my “iPad” but much cheaper,too. The Nexus is my Reader (kindle app), video player and useful for handling EMails on the go.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

c) Temporary Batteries

EasyAcc 5600mAh PowerBankPowerGen 5200

External battery – perfect to charge your iPod, GoPro, Tablet or mobile while on the road. Very useful for long days discovering the city!

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

EasyAcc 8400mAh PowerBankPowerBank 8400mAh

The big brother of the PowerGen listed above with more power – perfect for long hiking tours where you won't find electricity for a while.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)


3) Outdoor (Camping & Trekking)

Recommendable products for trips where you plan to be active – hinking, climbing, rafting, wintersports…

a) Tents

tent_msr_1_enMSR Hubba Tent (1 person)
This tent from MSR is not only lightweight (1474 grams!) and quite spacious for a one person tent – it also is as solid as it should be for rough weather conditions. A quality tent for less than 190$!
> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

tent_msr_2_enMSR Hubba 2 Person Tent
This award winning 2 person tent is the bigger version of the previous and comes with the same attributes: leightweight, spacious and aluminium poles. Moreover it has 2 large doors and costs less than 250$.
> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

b) Trekking Backpack

Osprey Kestrel 38 Trekking RucksackOsprey Kestrel 38 Trekking Rucksack

The Kestrel is a great hiking backpack with lots of useful straps and loops. Moreover it’s comfortable, leightweight (remeber that you have to carry it around for a few days!) and comes with a lifetime warranty.

> show on Amazon (US)
> show on Amazon (UK)

This list will be extended (tools like travel adapter) and updated regularly – if you have any questions or essentials on your mind that are missing feel free to contact me!

p.s.: By ordering the products using the links provided here you support this website (maintenance, web development, costs for domain and server). Thanks for your support & feel free to share!

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