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14 Travel Instagrammers you should follow in 2014

During my travels I share my experiences live via my Instagram Feed. There are a lot of great like minded Travel Instagrammers out there – in this article I'd like to line out 14 fantastic Instagram Accounts you should follow this year to feed your travel bug!

1) Larissa Olenicoff (theblondegypsy)

As the Balkans are the first region I'll visit this year I have to highlight Larissa from California right at the beginning. She loves this region and is always in search of unusual places – also this year she is about to travel to Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania. Macedonia…


2) Clemens Sehi (anekdotique)

If you like Asia you should check out the profile of Clemens from Hamburg. Recently he has been to Thailand:


3) Liz Carlson (youngadventuress)

Currently in New Zealand, one of her photographs from Hobbingen has been featured by Instagram. Nature, impressive landscape and a very adventurous U.S. girl who is travelling since more than 9 years – any more reasons needed?


4) Anita Brechbühl (travelita)

Finland & Estonia have been on the menu of the swiss Anita during the last weeks. I think her pictures deserve more attention!


5) Ken Kaminesky (kenkaminesky)

Ken is one of the best travel photographers I know – the pictures the canadian is publishing are breathtaking. Iceland & Italy have been his last stops.


6) Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk (smaracuja)

Right now Nina is discovering Australia. The very special style of photography resulted in a own feature on the Instagram Blog. Find out why!


7) Murad Osmann (muradosmann)

I guess I don't have to say much about Murad as he is possibly one of the most famous Travel Instagrammers out there. The russian photographer “follows” his very beautiful girlfriend around the world. Next stops are France, England and Italy.


8) Katja Hentschel (travelettes)

Like Nina, Katja is living in Berlin and takes her pictures in Germany at the moment – if you already follow her you know that she will be on the road again soon ;)


9) Kirsten Alana (kirstenalana)

Currently mobile photography expert Kirsten is based in NYC – for New Years she was on the road in Scotland:


10) Nadine Pober (thenadwork)

Finland is the new home of Nadine from Vienna in Austria. During her time over there she posts her experiences studying in Finland regularly. It seems to be quite cold there at the moment. Brrr!


11) Jodi Ettenberg (legalnomads)

Hungry? Then you should head over to Jodi – the canadian traveler focusses on food, currently she is eating her way through Vietnam:


12) Lea Hajner (esctown)

Outdoors and Snowboarding are high up on the list of another girl from Vienna: Lea loves the outdoors and slides down the slopes in Austria right now:


13) Kate McCulley (adventurouskate)

Kate is on a RTW trip with her boyfriend Mario at the moment. Expect more great captures from places all around the world – like this beach:


14) Yvonne Zagermann (justtravelous)

Last but not least another german travel blogger from Berlin: Yvonne, who spots Streetart in Brussels, Belgium:


my Profile (backpackersteve)

Time for a shameless plug – of course you should also give me a follow if you haven't done it already. During the upcoming weeks I'm about to discover Bulgaria and would like to take you along ;)

Who is missing?
I'm sure you know more cool Travel Instagrammers to follow!? Do you also share Instagrams from your travels? Make sure to leave a comment with a link to the related Instagram Account! Happy Instagramming.


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