#HolaGringo starts – my 6 month journey through South America

Wohoo! I'm on my way to South America at the moment – I just boarded the flight from London to Lima with transfer in Sao Paolo. The next 6 months I'll discover some of the highlights you can find in South America.


The Itinerary

Basically i don't have a fix plan for the whole 6 months – I just plan 2 weeks ahead. I experienced during my Backpacking trip in Chile that it is much better to be more open – you never know who you meet and which cool opportunities pop up…

Route HG Nevertheless: this map is the evidence that I have something like a basic plan of places i would love to visit and with this a direction I'll follow. Starting in Lima (Peru) i head south to Bolivia and Argentina. Later on I'll visit Uruguay and Chile's Patagonia.

As said: I'm open for any changes on my way south and I want to stay at certain places longer than the average traveler to have more flexibility and get a better feeling of the place.

Things I'll do

As most of you already know my style of traveling you can be sure: I want to do as much as possible!
Through Couchsurfing I want to get in touch with the locals to discover the hidden gems and the “real” culture. I want to go on big hiking tours through the most beautiful National Parks of the world like Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

high rope course in portugal
Me on high ropes in Portugal by: Bianca

Of course I'm ready to try out new things – like I did with Sandboarding in Chile. What about biking down the “death road” in Bolivia? We'll see!

Follow the adventure

I'd like to invite you to follow me – i produce a Travel Video Show from there with 2 episodes each month. Moreover you can follow me live with the Hashtag “#holagringo” on Twitter & Instagram. On my special #HolaGringo Page you'll find everything together.

Girona filming
Me filming in Girona by: Bianca
The Blog content for the whole trip will also be provided in German!

Sponsors & Partners

The last weeks I spoke a lot with different potential partners about this trip. My goal was to have at least 1-2 strong partnerships for the whole duration of the trip – not a common thing in the Travel Blogging area ;)

Hostelbookers Logo

Today I'm happy to announce Hostelbookers as one of my official partners for this trip. During the time in South America they'll provide accommodation in different Hostels. I'm curious to see a big variety and experience also some of the new hostels to prove that South America is definitely a destination you should visit! Back in the days in Chile I stayed in different Hostels and was also surprised by the atmosphere, the facilities and the cool people I met there.


Traveldudes is the second partnership to announce – I already work with Melvin on some stuff to improve the Traveldudes website. Therefore we do cooperate for this #HolaGringo trip: all videos will also appear on a special page on Traveldudes. Moreover Melvin will help to spread the word and with this increase the interaction – I'm looking forward to cool tips and hints as well as interacting with you!

On my trip i'll work together with more sponsors e.g. tour operators who will make it possible to show you some more great stuff like hiking to Machu Picchu or driving through the Salar de Uyuni. I'll always provide a full disclosure to make clear which is sponsored.

So: a big thank you to my Partners to make this trip even more awesome!

Disclosure / Ethics

Travel Video Blogging is my job – this also means that I have costs to cover beyond the travel expense. Therefore I work together with travel companies, tour operators and Toursim Boards to get some of the costs covered in return for coverage and placing Banners. Every partnership is arranged individually and with the aim to have the best fit for you, me and the partner.
All the content I provide from my travels is completely my own – this goes for opinions and views as well as for recommendations. If something isn't worth a recommendation I just pay it by myself and don't place it here. With this i want to make sure to keep a high level of trust.
Nevertheless #HolaGringo is still 70% self funded.


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