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Ukraine, Host Country of Euro 2012 – Cities, Stadiums & Things to do

The Euro 2012 in Poland & the Ukraine is about to start on Friday and the football fans in Europe are looking forward to the upcoming 4 weeks. But where will the matches take place? What can you do in these cities beside watching football? I'll give you an overview about the host cities, the stadiums and the things you can do there with this post.

The Ukraine is the larger one of the host countries with a size of 603,628 km2 and a population of around 46 mio and is still in a way strongly connected to Russia due to the fact that most of the country was formerly part of the russian empire. In 1991 the Ukraine became independent and is today a Unitary semi-presidential republic. Today the Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe with the Ukrainian language as the official language (but Russian is widely spoken as well).

1. Kiev / Kyiv

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The capital of the country is also the largest city with a population of about 2.6 mio. It is located in the north central part on the Dnieper River and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Therefore this area is full of history, it probably existed as a commercial centre as early as the 5th century.

The Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex or just “Olympic Stadium” is the largest arena (60,000 seats) of the Championship and will be the place of the final match. Moreover 3 matches in Group D and 1 quarter-final can be seen here.

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2. Donetsk / Donets'k (rus.)

Donbass Arena, Donetsk
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Donetsk is supposed to be the economic centre of the Ukraine because it is located in the major economic, industrial and scientific center with a high concentration of companies and a skilled workforce.

The Stadium of Donetsk is named “Donbass arena” and is the thrid-largest arena (50,000 seats) of the Championship and will host group D stage games, one quarter-final and one semi-final game.

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3. Kharkiv / Kharkov (rus.)

Metalist Stadium Kharkiv
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The second-largest city is a major cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial centre of Ukraine located in the north-east with a population of about 1.5 million inhabitants.

With a capacity of 35,000 the stadium named Metalist Stadium will host 3 matches in Group B.

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4. Lviv / L'viv / Lemberg

Lviv / Lava streets
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The information you can find about this city is much wider than for Kharkiv & Donetsk. This is propably due to the fact that the city centre of L'viv is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lviv with its 760.000 inhabitants is the most-western located host city and also one of the main cultural centres of today's Ukraine.

The Arena Lviv is the smallest stadium of the tournament with only 30,000 seats and will also host 3 matches in Group B.

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