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How much is Paris? Tips & Things to do in Paris with price tags (Budget Check Video)

Paris Arc de Triomphe

Paris is a lovely destination for a weekend city break and has a lot to discover. I asked myself “How much is a day in Paris” and checked out the sights, restaurants, bars and things to do in Paris in one day. The following video showcases a typical tourist day with all the costs.

Before you leave for Paris checkout the Packing List for City Breaks – a great tool to save some time while preparing for your trip!

About the Budget Check in Paris

Last year I started this new series when I visited Madrid, Porto, Barcelona and London and summed up all the costs, this year I continue with new destinations and start today with Paris. At the beginning of September I took a plane to the french capital and have been quite lucky with the weather.

Discovering Paris is very easy as the metro connects the whole city very efficient – a “carnet” is a good option to get around on the cheap (it's a discounted pack of ten single tickets, available at the stations), another one is the day pass (only if you use the metro very often). If you like walking: the city center is best to discover by walking and distances aren't that big.

Like in many other european cities you can also take part in one of the Free Walking tours to get an overview on the first day of your visit (just hop over to Google or Tripadvisor and choose one).
But also if you want to explore the city by yourself: there are plenty of good options, like the Arc de Triomphe which offers a great view from above without having big lines like at the Eiffel Tower.

What else crosses your mind if you think about Paris? Food! You shouldn't miss out to eat in one of the many good restaurants or Bistros the french capital has to offer – if you stick to areas that aren't sooo touristy you are able to find places with fair prices and good quality. If you happen to go for lunch ask for the “Plat du Jours”, this is the menu of the day.
If you're hungry while exploring: go for a tasty crepes!

If it comes down to accommodation you'll realize that Paris is quite popular. Nevertheless there are some good budget hotels – like in my case the Smart Place, which is a good located Hostel and Hotel in one.

The journey continues: the next stop is Rome, the capital of Italy. Meanwhile checkout the ultimate Packing List for City Breaks which is perfect for short trips like this one to Paris.
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Notre Dame with autumn colors
Notre Dame with autumn colors

Have you been to Paris?

If you have any tips or hints feel free to join the conversation – post a comment below and share your experience!
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My accommodation in Paris was supported by Smart Place Paris – together with Traveldudes they supported me in producing this Budget Check for you.
All the content I provide from my travels is completely my own – this goes for opinions and views as well as for recommendations.


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