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How much is Istanbul? Things to do in Istanbul in one day – with price tags (Video)

Istanbul is the new cool hotspot in Europe you should definitely checkout! Located on 2 continents there is a wide selection of things to do in Istanbul – especially the mixture of european and asian-oriental influence make it a special place. Like in Paris and Rome I went discovering the city at the Bosporus in one day and wrote down all the prices.

Before you leave for Istanbul checkout the Packing List for City Breaks – a great tool to save some time while preparing for your trip!

About the travel video

Even in Fall the city of Istanbul is a great option for a weekend city break as the chances for sunny days are still pretty high. I flew in from Hamburg and stayed in the cool area of Karaköy right next to the water – a perfect spot for discovering the city as everything is quite close and walkable.

As a first time visitor you might be surprised how modern the city is: a great public transportation system, very good restaurants, a lively nightlife and hotels are as common as in any other big european city. Moreover the transportation system is an attraction itself and a great way to see the diversity of the city via tram, bus, boat or even cable car.

A visit to the center with the bis two mosques and the grand bazar is a must – don't miss out to try the Köfte right around the corner at the Sultanahmet Köftecisi before heading over to the next sight. Another delicious thing you should try is turkish delight and Baklava sided by an original turkish coffee.

The Taksim square is the place to go out: the bars and clubs around offer endless possibilities to dance the night away – I used the chance to join the big regular Couchsurfing Meeting at the Bar Rouge and met a lot of interesting people there who have been very easy to talk to.

I really enjoyed my stay in Istanbul and definitely have to come back to enjoy more good food and checkout the other sights as well!

The journey continues: the next stop is Berlin, the capital of Germany. Meanwhile checkout the ultimate Packing List for City Breaks which is perfect for short trips like this one to Istanbul.
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Sunset in Istanbul seen from the ferry boat
Sunset in Istanbul seen from the ferry boat

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  • Elizabeth Coughlan

    I loved your video. It was spot on. But, if you are going to stay for more that one day in Istanbul, it would be better to buy an Istanbul card, which can be used on most forms of transport, including the ferries. The cost per journey will then be less than half of the 3 Euros you paid each time.

    • This is a valuable tip, thank you Elizabeth!


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