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5 free Smartphone Apps to enrich travel blogging (Android & iOS)

Beside our cameras and notebooks smartphones became an important travel companion during the last 5 years. There are even travel bloggers who only use their mobile devices to publish content during their trips. Nevertheless I keep on publishing the “old” way but i use my smartphone to enrich my blogging style – let me introduce you to my 5 favourite Apps.

Before i start with the list let me tell you that i use Android & iOS Devices – so 4 out of 5 of my recommendations are Apps that are available for both.

1) WordPress

maintain your blog while sitting in the metro
Blogging is a 24/7 job – i use the WordPress App to review Comments on my Posts, correct (that one situation when you discover misspellings in your own posts)and sometimes also to write drafts for upcoming Posts.

The Worpress App is very usable, slick and fast – you can use it also for self-hosted WordPress Blogs.

2) Flipboard

flipboard on the iPad by: Johan Larsson
Since i installed Flipboard i enjoy reading Twitter much more – tweets get pimped automatically e.g. by loading pictures out of the a posted link. Moreover it's the perfect RSS Reader because the style of presentation is like a magazine. Most fun if you use a tablet and browse through your timeline like reading a newspaper.

I use Flipboard for research, bookmark tweets or articles and often get lost ;)

3) Instagram

Instagram – edit your pictures on your mobile by using filters
Boo, it's so hipster! …i hear you yell at me ;)

Of course there is a big hype around that special App which lets you enhance your photos taken with your phone by providing different kind of filters.
But it also gives you the possibility to start off with a new type of content e.g. you can document a whole trip with a gallery of Instagram Pictures like Yvonne from JustTravelous did with her article called “My trip to Florida – An Instagram Diary“.

I use Instagram to post Pictures during my tours to Facebook and Twitter (it's possible with the Sharing option of the App) to keep my lovely readers up to date.

4) Wikipedia

forgot your notes with the facts and figures? No problem – there's Wikpedia!
This App and Google made you call mobile phones today “smartphones”. Ha! But to be honest: Nowadays Wikipedia is the best resource for facts and figures if you write about a certain topic. The App enables you to browse through a whole library in seconds and offers an mobile optimized view (e.g. accordeon elements to expand and collapse content parts).

When i'm out there to record videoblogs it's great to do some research right at the spot: for example when i have to tell something about the history.

5) Snapguide (iOS only)

Tobias shares travel foody recipes with Snapguide
Finally there is something you might not have heard of yet!? Snapguide is pretty new and i came to discover it through Tobias who uses it to capture food recipes during his travels. Basically this App makes it possible to create guides for everything – for travellers it's a great way to share how to's with a new audience because Snapguide also is a Social Network with a large community.

Go and check out the entertaining guide of Tobias “How to Smile & Make Tortellini (Turkish)” to get an idea of this App!

What about YOU?
Which Apps do you use while travelling? Share your recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

Featured image taken from Flickr (c) by Mr. T in DC

  • Great post! I looooove Instagram! Thanks for including my Florida post (did the same btw about my trip to Sweden and Rome) :D

    • Steve

      …yeah – i also discovered them and loved the way how the smartphone pictures turned out. Instagram is a nice way to see a trip from the pov of the blogger ;)

  • John

    The WordPress app is killer. I really appreciate it. Runs exactly like WordPress would on a desktop, easier to resize photos actually. Love it.

  • Love the Flipboard app, it’s one of the better designed apps.


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