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In Pictures: Lima and Miraflores

The capital of Peru has been the first stop on my #HolaGringo Tour. I used the first days to acclimate and to make pictures of Lima and Miraflores

If you fly in directly from Europe to Lima it is not unlikely that you get your first cultural schock. Especially if you've never been to South America before the impressions you get on your arrival day could be overwhelming.
Though I knew what to expect I felt to be in a complete different world: the traffic, the climate, the food, the social life are partly another story.

center of Lima

Lima Plaza de San Martin
The Plaza is really beautiful with nice plants around
A lot of people advised against going to Lima for a few days when I was about to plan my trip. Most of the travelers visit Lima just for 1-2 days as a necessary stopover.
After my 5 days lasting stay I have to say that a longer stay could be also an option: beside the historic old town you can visit good museums, eat very good food and relax in one of the new parks of the city.

Peruvian cuisine: best to enjoy in Lima

Lima Tiradito
The Peruvian food is amazing – this is tiradito, similar to Ceviche but with a Sauce made out of Chili
Not only the inhabitants of Lima – also the people from cities in the north and south of Peru say that you find the best Restaurants here. If you like to try some of the traditional dishes like Ceviche you should use the chance to do that in Lima: the location by the sea is perfect for fish ;)

Miraflores: the place to be

Lima Beach Miraflores
Like in other big cities you can also find a Bohemian Quarter here – but actually Miraflores & Barranco are independent cities. Compared to the city center everything seems to be more fancy & tidy, moreover you'll experience a very good touristic infrastructure.

Both spots are located on the bay of Lima and offer nice views to the beach and the sea from above. During the last years paragliding became popular in Miraflores: the cliffs and the wind offer perfect conditions – as a beginner you can book a tandem flight and see Lima from above.

The Pictures: Lima und Miraflores

So, let's see what Lima has to offer – make a virtual tour by clicking through the pictures:

Have you ever been to Lima and Miraflores? Tell us more!

If you have any tips or hints feel free to join the conversation – post a comment below and share your experience!
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My accommodation in Lima is supported by Hostelbookers.com – together with Traveldudes they help me to show you South America on my #HolaGringo trip.
All the content I provide from my travels is completely my own – this goes for opinions and views as well as for recommendations.

  • Looks pretty nice! I got off a night bus from Huaraz to Lima and straight on another to Huacachina. Perhaps I should have given Lima a chance…

  • Impressive post and I wished Lima is near my place and is not divided by the great Pacific Ocean haha. I would love to go there Steve.

    • Thx Wends – Maybe the chance to visit peru comes earlier than you think? :)

  • Hi! Great article with wonderful photos. I lived in Miraflores for 8 months in 2010, and loved my experience. My favorite restaurant (but only for special occassions!) was the Huaca Puccllana restaurant.

  • Alex Martin

    I’m going to Lima in 3 weeks. A friend just went there and he said I should stay in the historic center since it’s really interesting and has lots of history. He says Miraflores is nothing special. On the other hand, I read some reviews saying the Old City is really dangerous. What do u think?

  • Hey Alex – I stayed at the 1900 Backpackers which is located in the center and your friend is right with his opinion about Miraflores. If you want to experience the real Lima go to the center. Miraflores is nice anyway but you can get ther quite easy with buses or taxi.
    About security: I had the same thoughts – checkout the area first at daytime to know how to get around. At night you should stick to the main streets, go in groups or take taxis if you are unsure. But: Lima is not as dangerous as most people think – i felt quite comfortable and the guys at the hostel will help you to get to places and give you recommendations about what to do. Have a nice trip!

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  • These are gorgeous photos. Unfortunately, when I was travelling in Peru I only used Lima as a transportation hub and didn’t spend enough quality time in the city.

  • I really enjoyed Miraflores – it has such a unique coastline! And the food…YUM!

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