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7 Tilt-Shift HD Movies showing everyday life around the Globe

Maybe you have already heard something about the tilt-shift photography technique which enables you to take pictures and movies with a miniature effect!? For this, the selective focus is used to direct the viewer's attention to a small part of the image and the edges of the picture are blurred – this is also called “miniature faking“.
There are a lot of impressive videos out there, so i made this list to follow me to different places around the world – to get an idea of the daily routine over there. Lean back, turn up the volume and dive into these tiny worlds!

The Sandpit, New York / USA

One of the most popular Videos produced with the mentioned technique you can find on Vimeo. The award-winning Film by Sam O'Hare shows “A day in the life of New York City” and has around 2.2 million views.

A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry, Wyoming / USA

A really cool movie which illustrates a day in a winter ressort. Tristan Greszko, the guy who made this awesome video, writes:

“This mountain is like nothing you have skied before! Spend a day riding the tiny tram and shredding miniature backcountry lines in Jackson Hole.”

The Village, Portugal

You like to have a break and make a little trip out of town? Here are your 2minutes of the introspectively country life in Portugal:

Toy Soldiers, Paris / France

On 14th July France celebrates the national holiday – with this you have the chance to see a big military parade in Paris:

Toy Thailand, Bangkok & Phuket / Thailand

Let's go to Asia – in the video of Jörg Daibler you can watch the hustle and bustle in Thailand:

Tricity – Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot / Poland

“Tricity is an urban area consisting of three Polish cities – Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot – on the coast of the Baltic Sea.”

The East Side of Los Angeles on a Sunny Day / USA

Yeah, USA again, but this time we'll have a look at the western coast:


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