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Top 10 Places to visit in Argentina

10 Places to visit in Argentina

After traveling through Argentina for 4 months I often get asked for the best places to visit in Argentina. Therefore I put together this top 10 list covering the highlights from north to south and west to east of this beautiful country!

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I was lucky enough to travel almost the complete country from Salta in the north to Ushuaia in the very south – I hiked, learned spanish, hitchhiked, had big nights out and enjoyed great food.

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1) El Chaltén

Laguna Sucia und Fitz Roy
Laguna Sucia and Fitz Roy

El Chaltén is the trekking capital of Argentina and is surrounded by world famous mountains (Cerro Torre & Mt Fitz Roy), glaciers and lakes. Hiking in this area is unbelievably beautiful and should be very high up on your bucket list. I also wrote a hiking guide about it.

2) Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego

Feuerland & Ushuaia sind die Sehenswürdigkeiten in Argentinien die ganz im Süden liegen
If you head south: Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia are the places to visit in Argentina

The end of the world is more beautiful than it sounds – the rough coast along the Beagle Channel is impressive, offers great outdoors and is the destination for adventure seekers (antarctica expeditions start here). Check out my photographs for more!

3) Rosario

Rosario, eine charmante Stadt in der ich mehr als 1 Monat verlebt habe
Rosario, a charming city where I spent more than a month

As you know I fell in love with this little gem located at the Parana river. The great location, the warm-hearted people and the fact that there are not so many tourists are perfect conditions for a get-away from the hectic capital!

4) Bariloche

The lake region around Bariloche is one of the must places to visit in Argentina
The lake region around Bariloche is one of the must places to visit in Argentina

The beautiful lake region around Bariloche is without any doubts one of the must places to visit in Argentina. Nowhere else you can find so much green landscape – perfect for hiking, biking or a road trip!

5) Iguazu Falls

Iguazu at sunset By: SF Brit

At the northern border Argentina shares one of the worlds most impressive falls with Brazil. Due to the infrastructure and viewpoints the argentinean side near Puerto Iguazu is often called the better option to see the Iguazu falls – but I recommend to bring more time to checkout both sides 😉

6) El Calafate & Perito Moreno

Der Perito Moreno zählt zu den meist besuchten Sehenswürdigkeiten in Argentinien
The Perito Moreno Glacier

With its glaciers patagonia made it high up on my overall list for regions to visit in South America. In the argentinean part the National Park Los Glaciares is awaiting you with the Perito Moreno. Due to the location of the glacier facing a small peninsula you're able to get up really close. Checkout the video I made!

7) Buenos Aires

Die Hauptstadt Buenos Aires sollte nicht fehlen
Don't miss the capital

Everything comes together in the capital: history, tango, nightlife, good food, impressive architecture, great streetart…though Buenos Aires can be quite tough after a while, you shouldn't miss it!
I wrote a complete Travel Guide for Buenos Aires with a lot of great recommendations.

8) Salta

Valles Calchaquíes By: Kevin Jones

In the north of the country you should visit the Valles Calchaquíes – perfect for a day trip from Salta or even multiple day hikes!
Check out the guide I wrote about the best things to do in the region of Salta & Jujuy!

9) Mendoza

Salentein Vinyard By: David

Argentina is famous for its red wine, the most popular one is the Malbec. Mendoza is the wine region of the country, if you visit you should go on a wine tour – also the hostels are great here (most of them have swimming pools) and the nightlife is awesome.

10) El Bolson

El Bolson ist nicht nur relaxt - es ist auch von wunderschöner Natur umgeben
El Bolson

This small Hippie-village is located to the south of Bariloche and offers a great landscape beside a very special atmosphere. If you go hiking the “Cabeza del Indio” is a nice little hike where you come to see the panorama above!
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Der Fitz Roy nahe El Chaltén..und ich..in trauter Zweisamkeit :)
Der Fitz Roy nahe El Chaltén..und ich..in trauter Zweisamkeit 🙂

Your favorite places to visit in Argentina?

Let me know in the comments which place is your favorite or if you think there is another which should be in the list!

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  1. I visited most of those places back in 2012, but not all of them. I only spent 1 month in Argentina. I would definitely agree with what you wrote. I loved Bariloche. I have done really cool trek to the top of Cerro Lopez. El chalten is stunning for trekking too, tho the weather didn’t allow me to see Laguna de los tres, but I guess i have a reason now to go back there. My favorite of all though was the trek I have done on the Perito Moreno glacier. I wrote a post about it recently. btw. Great photos!

    1. Thx Marta!
      As I see you love trekking as much as I do, so you should def go back for El Chaltén and all the other great treks 😉

      1. I am going on a Work and Travel to New Zealand in few months, I will be doing loads of trekking there. I am also going to Zermatt, Switzerland at the end of August, I am really looking forward to it!.

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