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24 Photos that will Convince You to Visit Sofia, Bulgaria

The Sofia Statue - one of 24 photos to convince you to visit Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria!

Have you ever wanted to visit Sofia in Bulgaria? No? Think again! The capital of Bulgaria has a lot to offer and this photo essay gives you 24 good reasons to book a ticket!

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The city center

Sofia Bulgarien- Justizpalast
The palace of justice – like at many other public buildings you can find lion statues in front of it, one of the national symbols.
Sofia Bulgarien - Alexander Newski Kathedrale
The Alexander Nevsky cathedral is the landmark of Sofia and is as impressive from the outside as from the inside (entrance is free of charge) – a must-see when you visit Sofia
Sofia Bulgarien - Russische Kirche
The russian chuch is one of many churches in town…
Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Kirche
…another one is the Sveti Sedmochislenitsi church…
Sofia Bulgarien - rotunde
…but this is by far the oldest: the St. George rotunda, which is also considered the oldest building in Sofia!
Sofia Bulgarien - Iwan Wasow Theater
Yes. The national theatre Ivan Vazov is a really impressive building, possibly one of the most beautiful in town in my opinion.
Sofia Bulgarien - Bad
You can find numerous mineral springs within the country – this is the central mineral baths which is under reconstruction at the moment.
Directly opposite is the Banya Baschi Mosque, one of the oldest mosques of Europe and the biggest one in town.
Sofia Largo
The complex named “Largo” has been build in another era – the time of communism.


Stadion Wasil Lewski
Close to the center you can find Borisova Gradina, where also the national stadium “Vasil Levsky” is located – matches of the national team as well as european cup matches are being held here.
Stadtpark Sofia
The city park can be found right in the center…
Sofia Bulgarien - Stadtpark und Theater
…next to the national theater with those beautiful fountains.
free wifi sofia
Furthermore you can use the free WiFi provided in the parks of the city and upload your latest photos to tell your friends about the Rakia last night. Uhm wait…better keep that 😉
Adlerbrücke Sofia
The eagle bridge is next to my favorite park – Borisova Gradina. Yes. The one I mentioned earlier.
Sofia Statue
…while I was living right next door I discovered some of the monuments, also from the time of communism…
Skatepark Sofia
…some of them are now in different use – this one has been turned into a skate park 🙂
Streetart Sofia
The modern, hip Sofia can be found everywhere – like in those street art pieces you can discover all over the city. Find out more about it in another photo essay. For me this cool street art is another good reason to visit Sofia and feel the vibe of a place.

Vitosha – a 2000 m mountain massif right in the capital (!)

Boyana Kirche Sofia Bulgarien
One of the best things to do in Sofia is walking through the woods of the national park Vitosha which is located right next to Sofia – before you start you should checkout the old Boyana church.
witoscha wanderung
While hikinh you get rewarded with beautiful vistas…
boyana wasserfall
…if you make it higher up you can have a rest right next to the Boyana waterfall 🙂
boyana see
Also the lake further down is named Boyana and calls for some quality relaxation time!
witoscha sonnenuntergang
If you are in the quarter called “Lozenets” you'll have the best view to the Vitosha – especially during sunset.

kuppeln alexander newski
The shining golden dome of the Alexander Nevsky cathedral is visible from far away and I'm sure it will stick in mind after leaving this beautiful town in the balkans…

Convinced to go?
Why wait? Find more information about sights, restaurants and accommodation in the free travel guide I wrote during the 5 months I spent in Sofia. Enjoy your time!
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