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The 10 best Hostels in South America

Hostels in South America are much better than most of us might think and this list of my personal top 10 best hostels in South America proves it. Find following my favorite places to spend an awesome time in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina!

Each of the listed hostels is special in some kind of way: be it the atmosphere, good food, great rooms, top service or even everything together. I was surprised by the high hostel standard and the partially wide breakfast selection!

1) La Lechuza in Rosario, Argentina

la lechuza rosario
My main argument to prefer a hostel instead of a hotel is the atmosphere. Regarding this the La Lechuza is hard to compete with – it has been one of my best hostel experience in general.

At the end I stayed almost 6 weeks and became good friends with the owners Juan and Javiera. Both are great in connecting their travelers by introducing them to each other, moreover the hostel is a meeting point for friends – therefore you easily get in touch with locals at the bar.


2) Inkas Rest in Puno, Peru

Hostel Inkas Rest Puno
Hostel Inkas Rest Puno

Actually Puno has not that much to offer – it is more or less the starting point for boat tours on the lake Titicaca. The family owned Inkas Rest is an exception: the sympathetic Alfredo is well connected and knows families who live on Taquile island – a unique option to go for an authentic island tour!
The Hotel offers Dorms as well as privates, free WiFi and a decent breakfast (with pancakes and fruits!). Alfredo has some great recommendations regarding restaurants in stock and also helps you organizing your ongoing journey to Bolivia or Cusco.

3) Hostel Achalay in Bariloche, Argentina

hostel achalay bariloche
Usually you don't expect much if it comes down to food in a hostel. Pablo is a great character and an awesome chef: be it the homemade bread for breakfast or a delicious Asado for dinner.

Moreover you'll find themed rooms in the Achalay: do you want to go for the Bob Marley, Beatles or the Doors room? I stayed around 2 weeks and enjoyed the evenings together with new friends and great food!

4) Yagan House in Puerto Natales, Chile

yagan house puerto natales
A hostel which feels like a comfy hut in the mountains – this might be the best description one can find for the Yagan House: a wooden house, a comfy couch, a chimney and an open kitchen turn it into an eco Lodge. The privates are able to compete with hotel standards.

Beside a big breakfast (Eggs, Cheese, Ham, Marmelade) the Yagan House offers additonal services for trekking in the nearby National Park Torres del Paine – it is therefore the perfect starting point for your adventure and a good place to relax afterwards 😉

5) Sabatico in Buenos Aires, Argentina

sabatico hostel
With the hustle and bustle you have to deal with in a city like Buenos Aires a hostel like the Sabatico is a relief: relaxing, small and cozy. Again I have been quite surprised by the wide selection you have for breakfast. Moreover you'll find hammocks and a jacuzzi in the back of the hostel.

The atmosphere is great, too: instead of drunk teenagers you meet independent travellers, couples and sympathetic backpackers. The Sabatico is located in Montserrat and with that it's perfect for exploring the city center and San Telmo – also by bike as you can rent those at the hostel as well.

6) La Lomita del Chingolo in Punta del Este, Uruguay

la lomita del chingolo punta del este
Relaxation, por favor! La Lomita del Chingolo enables you to chill out: a nice garden with a comfy sofa and barbecue located in one of the calmest spots of Punta del Este – nevertheless only a 10min walk away from the beach.

Even though I didn't like Punta del Este that much, this hostel offered the chance for a little break. Rodrigo and his family are living in the same house and are always there for you to give you advices and tips – you are also able to rent bikes and boards.

7) La Posta in Ushuaia, Argentina

la posta ushuaia
At the end of the world a lovely, family owned hostel where you'll meet like minded adventurer and backpacker is waiting for you: the La Posta in Ushuaia offers a great atmosphere as well as friendly service.

Lucas, the owner, is born and raised in Ushuaia and well connected – therefore he is the resource to ask and can even help you organizing an expedition to antarctica!

8) El Refugio in Pucón, Chile

Hostal El Refugio - the Place to be in Pucon
Hostal El Refugio – the Place to be in Pucon

Hiking up a volcano is on your bucket list? Then Pucón is the right starting point for a trekking tour to the top of the Villarrica volcano and the El Refugio is the right place to spend your time before and after this adventure.

The hostel has a great common area with a chimney and helps you organizing your trips individually – be it the volcano, rafting or the nearby hot springs. Also suitable for couples as there are nice privates waiting for new guests 🙂

9) Aylen Aike in El Chaltén, Argentina

aylen aike el chalten
This hostel rocks like no other in South America! The Aylen Aike is the meeting point for hikers and climbers (booking upfront highly recommended!), Sebastian is a big fan of Rock'n'Roll music and has a big selection of music DVDs to choose from.

Like at all other places in El Chaltén there is no breakfast and only poor WiFi but you can use this as a chance for some entertaining chats with Sebastian and the other travellers to share your travel stories and tips. It was hard for me to leave this place after more than 2 weeks 🙁

10) Wild Rover in La Paz, Bolivien

La Paz Wild Rover
Wild Rover Hostel

Ok, a party hostel in South America should also be part of this list as you should experience this at least once if you're going on a long-term trip like this. The Wild Rover offers a good light version regarding the accommodation as they have privates and with that you can party hard but relax afterwards.

The prices in Bolivia are very budget friendly, therefore I recommend a splurge here – the hostel has a great bar, restaurant and even a tour agency.
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Which are your best hostels in South America?

I'm curious to hear your recommendations as I didn't cover more countries in this list like Brazil, Colombia or Ecuador!

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