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White Nights in Tallinn, Estonia

What do you know about Estonia? The colors of the Flag? Or even the fact that Skype was founded here? I guess only a few people know much more than this about the small country directly across from Finland in the north east of Europe. I wanted to find out more and used the chance to enjoy 5 days full of party, bright nights, good food, culture and nice contacts with locals over there.
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I happen to meet Ivo at a CS-Meeting in January after his arrival in Hamburg and two days later i introduced him to the nightlife. Ivo was the first Estonian I met in my whole life – it really is like a challenge, because Estonia has a population of only 1.4 million. We became friends and in spring the idea came up to visit his homecountry in summertime togehter with some friends.

Jani – Midsummer in Estonia

preparing the fireplace
[note align=”right” width=”315″] Jaanipäev:
“…For Estonians, Jaanipäev celebrations were merged with the celebration of Võidupüha (Victory Day) during the War of Independence when Estonian forces defeated the German troops on 23 June 1919. After this battle against Estonia's traditional oppressors, Jaaniõhtu and the lighting of the traditional bonfires became linked with the ideals of independence and freedom. …” (from Wikpedia)
[/note] It was 23rd of June, a very special date in this area because this day and the whole next day are the most important days in the Estonian calendar, apart from Christmas. It was not clear to us what to expect – Ivo organized a car for the next days and so we drove to the area of Pärnu where Ivo grew up. We arrived at a nice Summerhouse located on the water and got in contact with Ivo's lovely family.

But we still had to prepare the fireplace for this special evening, called Jaanipäev. Afterwards we enjoyd another typical thing over there: the sauna with jumping into the cold water afterwards – several times until night arrived.
Night? Not really, because it is midsummertime when the night seems to be non-existent. We had a good barbecue and started to light the big fire next to the water – all the neighbors did the same, so there was a fire every 50metres. Nice conversations with the neighbors and the family emerged and we enjoyed the local beer “saku” and the very tasty cider. As i had a look on my watch i was suprised that it showed 2 a.m. and the sky was still white – really weird feeling ;)

Jaani: Fire is burning!


Ivo: “What happens in Hamburg stays in Hamburg, but what happens in Tallinn stays on Facebook!”

Viewpoint in Tallinn

The next day was used for recreation and the ride to Tallinn. On the way we stopped at the city of Pärnu, the 5th largest, had dinner there and used the chance to see the beach. In Tallinn we had another long white night, dancing at Ivo's favourite club in the old town.
With our pirvate guide we discovered the capital of Estonia the next days and he introduced us to a few hidden spots, good restaurants and the best places to party at.

Beach of Tallinn

Tallinn is a fascinating city with an outstanding, well preserved medieval city centre togehter with it's location directly at the coast of the baltic sea. Moreover the prices there are quite low for people from western europe (around 80-90% of the prices in Germany), having the meals in a cafe or restaurant is highly recommended – but try to avoid the typical touristic areas!
On Tuesday we had to leave, after a cool time there we were a little bit upset – but i'm sure: i'll return soon!!!




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