Travel Talk with Richi from Tokyo, Japan (Videoblog 010)

Somehow i came to meet Richi from Tokyo, Japan and introduced him to Couchsurfing and the german nightlife in Hamburg. Richi is a Videoblogger and did this also after/during the crisis in march 2011 in Japan. In this interview you get to know the story behind and Richis upcoming plans.

Richi's Videoblog:
Richi's Twitterchannel:
Richi on Facebook:
Richi's Channel on Spiegel:

Richi's Video from Hamburg:


About Richi

Richi Miyakawa was born in Shinjuku and went to Tokyo to study acting at Nihon University College of Art (日大芸術学部). After the distressing events of march 11th, 2011 Richie took his videocamera, went out and documented the situation in Tokyo – Spiegel Online, the online version of German weekly news magazine “Der Spiegel” became aware of that and featured Richi's Videoblogs on their website(one the most visited news websites written in the German language). If you like to follow Richi on his tour through Europe have a look at his Youtube Channel, checkout his Facebook Fanpage or follow him on Twitter!



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