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Travel Talk with Travelwriter Jessica & Songwriter Dan (Videoblog 009)

I had the chance to meet Jessica and Dan from New York on their trip through Europe. Both travel and work: Jessica is a Travelbloger and Dan is a singer-songwriter on his tour through Europe. Watch this interview to get to know more about the Background, Lifestyle and Travelphilosophy of them – additionally Dave is performing one of his songs at the end of the Video!


Jessica Kulick
“…It happens, though, that sometimes one's values do not match the progressions of one's life. Travel and books and art and writing became more urgent, more necessary, than waiting for a paycheck to watch my bank account rise. It became that I was denying myself something, and denial often passes into regret.

So we packed up the lovely apartment. …”


Dan Coyle
“…With the recent completion of my new album “From Prague to Paris” it is once again time to hit the roads of Europe and promote, promote, promote!
Over the next couple of months I’m playing 30-something shows around Europe, and we’ve kicked it off in Hamburg, Germany. It’s a very cool town with a lot of music and art. …”


  • I love the way the video turned out! It looks great, Steve – thank you for such a fun experience!


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