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Pra Loup with Wild and Style 3/3 (Videoblog 005)

Finally i produced the last part of the BackPacker-OnTour Videoblog from France. This time you'll see a lot of clips taken in the Fun Park of Pra Loup and the interview with one of the founder of THE Online Shop for Snowboard-Stuff in Germany.
Thanks to Eljot Quent who provided their Song “Derbe Drauf” for this Video!


Eljot Quent
Eljot Quent is a Hamburg based HipHop-Group founded in February 2010 – they became famous with their “videoflyer” on Youtube (they produced special promo-clips before performing at events). A few weeks ago the new EP “Hauptsache Knallt” was released.
On Friday 27.05.2011 they perform at the “Ramba Zamba Festival” in Hamburg (Location: Klubsen).


A group of friends founded a Online-Shop for snowboarding stuff in 2007 after going on snowboardtrips with W&S since 1997. Today is one of THE Online-Shops for the Snowboarding Community in Germany. WEARE is based in Hamburg and still strongly connected to Wild and Style.


„Wild&Style – Schnee und Brettprojekt Hamburg e.V.“ is a non-profit snowboard association, also based in Hamburg. Since 1997 they are organizing very special snowboardtrips to the alps. On their trips they try to promote the snowboarding-culture and offer special events like water slide contests, fun park guidings e.g.




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