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Top 10 Travel YouTube Channels to follow in 2015

Top 10 Travel YouTube Channels to follow in 2015

The travel YouTube channels listed here have been created for travelers like you and me. I'm in the club of traveling videographers on YouTube since more than 4 years now and want to share my personal top 10 channels focussing on travel & adventure below.

With the amount of YouTube channels out there it is everything but easy to cut it down to only 10 – by focussing on quality, good storytelling and regular updates I managed to make a selection of those I watch regularly. I want to highlight that this list is not a selection of friends of mine (sorry guys!), honestly I know only 3 of the listed in person!

1.) FunForLouis

louis cole youtube
Louis is a daily Vlogger. In his sympathetic videos he takes his viewers along with him on his adventures which are anything but ordinary and justify the top spot in this list of great travel youtube channels to follow.

What is it all about?
As mentioned Louis is a british daily Vlogger who publishes a new episode every day. Louis is almost permanently on the road doing some fun projects with his friends all around the world…simply living an amazing life while being totally natural and charismatic in front of the camera!

Best Video to start with
It is quite hard to pick one certain video out of his daily updates, each episode get's around 100-150k views. To get an impression I recommend checking out his latest 2014 roundup which already went viral e.g. on BuzzFeed.


2.) VagaBrothers

vagabrothers youtube
As the name implies the VagaBrothers are two brothers traveling the world together – they became famous as winners of the contest “My Biggest Baddes Bucket List”.

What is it all about?
After traveling around the world for 6 months and producing a video series for MyDestination Marko and Alex continued with their own show. They feature destinations by providing heaps of information in a very entertaining and compact format. With this you do not only get an idea of the things to see and do – you also learn a lot about the history and quirky stories behind those places.

Best Video to start with
Their channel trailer is a great introduction to get to know them and the videos they are producing.


3.) Ruben Alonso (Spanish & English)

ruben alonso youtube
The channel of Ruben is one of the few spanish travel YouTube channels I know, but his videos also provide english captions – with this it is also a great way to learn some Spanish.

What is it all about?
Ruben is the host of his own travel show and presents various destinations, focussing mainly on Europe.

Best Video to start with
One of his most popular videos is “Finnish Sauna” which will probably put a smile on your face as well ;)


4.) Devin Super Tramp

devin super tramp youtube channel
Devin is an outstanding videographer who pushes the limits in each project he is executing.

What is it all about?
Devin's channel is packed with some great videos of fun activities in some of the most amazing spots one can imagine. From salt boarding in the salt flats to cliff jumping in Hawaii over to beautiful landscape footage you can find a wide selection of videos which remind you to go out there and live your life to the fullest!

Best Video to start with
Devin's Best of 2014 is possibly the best introduction to his work!


5.) Mike Corey

mike corey youtube
Mike is another great videographer who won quite a few competitions and did some cooperations with popular brands like Skype to produce some cool travel series.

What is it all about?
Mike's videos are high quality productions – he includes timelapse footage as well as glide cam shots and also acts as a charismatic host in his videos. On his channel you can find some of his work he did for other channels listed in various playlists.

Best Video to start with
Also here you should check out a montage which sums up the travels of Mike: “Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage”!


6.) Sonia's Travels

sonia gil youtube
Sonia Gil is one of the YouTubers who are around for a while – the cute venezuelan girl started once with videos which have been about learning languages as she runs an own language school.

What is it all about?
Beside language learning videos you can find a big selection of episodes which are focussed on general travel tips and certain destinations.

Best Video to start with
Because it is also one of my favorite sports: “People Watching at a Cafe in Paris” ;)


7.) Untie the Lines

untie the lines youtube channel
Nike is a young german woman who bought an old sailing boat in Panama and wants to try and sail the word. If you are into sailing this is one of the best travel youtube channels to follow!

What is it all about?
Untie The Lines is a weekly solo sailing documentary starting in Panama – it features the whole journey from getting the boat ready to finally untie the lines and getting out there to set sails on “Karl”.

Best Video to start with
Now the first season is finished – after watching the trailer there are more than 50 episodes waiting for you.


8.) Sam & Audrey

sam and audrey youtube channel
Samuel and Audrey are a fun traveling couple who host their own travel show together. On top of that they both have their own travel blogs which are quite popular within the travel blogging area.

What is it all about?
The Vlog episodes of Sam & Audrey will take you around the world through culture, food and humor – some of their favorite topics include visiting markets and temples, eating street food, traveling by train, and showing their daily quirky adventures.

Best Video to start with
I like the “Things to do in” videos the most – have a look at their most popular one from New York City!


9.) High on Life

high on life youtube channel
“High on life” started once as a group of friends traveling together, filming each other and became popular on YouTube out of the sudden.

What is it all about?
Basically it's about four friends having the time of their life doing everything they want to do – partying, action activities, stupid competitions and exploring places they always wanted to go to. You're able to watch various season's of their trips in a documentary kind of style which is focussed on entertainment rather than information.

Best Video to start with
Check out their video “3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes” to get an idea!


10.) Captain and Clark

captain and clark youtube channel
Chris and Tawny are another fun couple traveling the world together and filming their encounters in a very special way.

What is it all about?
If you would judge by their series “Alco-HAUL” it is about getting to know the world through quirky drinks…but it is more than that as you can find a bunch of funny travel vlogs as well as travel montages and travel tips.

Best Video to start with
Their application for a recent travel contest is a great introduction!


My Channel: BackPacker Steve (English and German)

backpacker steve youtube channel
Of course you shouldn't miss subscribing to my YouTube channel where you can find more than 120 videos from South America, Europe and Asia. Currently I'm editing more videos from the Balkans, Sri Lanka and Argentina!
Best Video to start with
I just finished my montage of 2014 and it already got some great feedback. Yeah!


What are your favorite travel YouTube channels?

Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your favorite travel channels on YouTube. Also, if you found this list helpful give us a like on Facebook and make sure to share this post with your friends!

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