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My Travel Roadmap until June 2012

Everytime after a new year started a travel addict like me asks “where do i want to travel this year?” and suddenly makinge plans by having a look at a map of the world. For the first half of this year i already have a kind of a plan after talking with friends living abroad, checking air fares and of course organizing the vacation plan at work. Finally i think i have set up a nice list of destinations i'll travel to in europe the next months and produce a bunch of interesting videoblogs with my new equipment. Moreover i'll visit all mentioned destinations on a budget.

1. Berlin, Germany – February/March

Berlin © by Robby van Moor
The capital of my homecountry is always worth a visit – my plan is to couchsurf there and meet locals (friends and colleagues of mine) to go on a journey through the city with my camera and discover spot's that represent the “real Berlin”. I travel to Berlin a lot due to the fact that i have to work there sometimes but during those stays i never really have the time to enjoy the city because everything is focused on a tight timetable – to be serious: i only see Hotels, Train stations/Airports and Office buildings during my business trips.

2. La Plagne, France – March

La Plagne © by Simon Deutsch
Like last year I will go to the french Alps for some snowboarding with my friends from Wild & Style, a snowboard society based in Hamburg. Every winter they organize Snowboard Camps at different spots at the Alps. This year we will head to a very popular and amazing ski ressort right next to the Mont Blanc, like last year we'll bring our own stuff to have a good time over there (own bar, DJ's, Lounge, Beamer, Guides…) – the whole camp is about 3 weeks but i'll be there for 2 weeks.

3. Dresden, Germany – April/May

Dresden at night © by matthiasschack
I've been to Dresden quite a lot the last few years due to the same fact as mentioned in 1. because the central office of my company is located there. Dresden is a very beautiful town located at the river Elbe with a rich history, nice and warm people and a lively young scene around the “Neustadt”. I'm looking forward to some funny days in saxony!

4. Essen, Germany – May

Zeche Zollverein © by Terence S. Jones
This year i travel a lot through my own “backyard” – but why search for places far away if you have so much interesting travel destinations right at your door!? Essen is one of these places – it had been one of Germany's most important coal and steel centres. In 2010 this town was the European Caiptal of Culture.
I'll be in Essen for attending the IAKonferenz and use the time before and after for discovering the city.

5. Thuringian Forrest, Germany – May

Burg Hanstein-1 © by FHgitarre
It is always good to come home and meet up with your old buddies. We will rent a house right in the green center of Germany for having a good time together and talk about the good ol'times – nature, bbq, paintball, good friends = perfect setting!

6. Tallinn, Estonia – May/June

Last year we had an amazing week in and around the capital of Estonia together with my good friend Ivo – time for another vacation at the Baltic States!

7. Madrid, Spain – April/May/June

I love Spain – not only because of the warm weather also because of the people, the food and the relaxed lifestyle. At the moment i'm not sure when i'll travel to Madrid exactly but i'm sure i will – culture, nightlife and tapas!

8. Lausanne/Lake Geneva/Alps, Switzerland – June

Lausanne © by
The next destination i already visited last year and had a blast: Lausanne where i stayed at Dave's place. For this year the plan is to go out for hiking, wakeboarding and of course partying!


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