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Travel Photography: My 7 Super Shots

Sliding down the Volcano with the view to the lake Villarica

Ok, maybe i'm a little late for that but the idea is just great: the guys from the hostelbookers blog started a cool “7 Super Shots” party where you have to pick one photo for each category. A lot of fellow travelbloggers did that during the last weeks so it's now my turn!

1. a Photo that takes my breath away

Sunset in the Valle de la Luna (Moonvalley), Chile 2010
This one was taken during my backpacking trip through Chile in 2010. One of my first stops was the Atacama desert in the north where i enjoyed this breathtaking sunset in the valle de la luna: at this moment we saw the moon in front of us rising next to a volcano & the sun sank behind us. If you visit Chile this is a MUST!

2. …makes me laugh or smile

Fun at a friendly between Denmark and Brazil before the start of the Euro
Tobias from Denmark has been one of the coolest and most inspiring Couchsurfers i hosted so far. He went to Hamburg also to watch a football friendly match between Denmark and Brazil. At the end denmark lost with 1:3 but nevertheless everybody was in a good mood and we where joking around with the brazilian guys. This image stands for the whole atmosphere at the Euro 2012 as well.

3. …makes me dream

Sunset and mist around the roque nublo (rock clouded) on gran canaria, Spain 2005
Gran Canaria can be a very mystical place – especially in the center around the “Roque Nublo”. We made a hiking trip in the mountains around Tejeda 2005 and shot this picture at the end of the day – it reminds me of the cool time we had there: hiking, talking and enjoying the diversity of the canarian islands.

4. …makes me think

destroyed building in concepcion after the big earthquake 2010
Back to Chile: in the beginning of 2010 a big earthquake with a tsunami hit chile, it was one of the biggest disasters in recent years with a lot of victims. During that time my friend Tilo lived in Concepcion, the area where the centre of the earthquake was located – the picture shows the building he lived in at the 10th floor. The earthquake happend at night and he and his wife were very lucky: the building did no collapse like a few others in town.
When we've been there months after that they absurdly tried to sell appartments in this building.

5. …makes my mouth water

Awesome simple breakfast
“What's so special about Ham & Eggs?” …you might think – but: after a week living in a tent and not having breakfast at all it was like heaven when we went to the old town of Lviv to have a tasty breakfast: simple, good and yummy!

6. …tells a story

Skiing on the 1.6km² frozen alster lake in Hamburg, 2010
One thing that is very rare if you are living in Hamburg: skiing. Once in ten years it is so cold for a long period that the inhabitants are able to enter the ice shield of the 1.6km² large outer alster lake. Instead of sailing you see people skiing – kind of weird ;)

7. …I am most proud of

Sliding down the Volcano with the view to the lake Villarica
Climbing the volcano Villarica: What an exhausting tour! After hours of walking uphill with crampons and ice pick we reached the top and were able to watch inside the crater. On the way down we saw this combination of snow, water and clouds and took 4 pictures – later i made this panorama out of it.

That's it! What are your 7 super shots?
Yeah! That's part of the game – i have to name 5 bloggers/travelbloggers to join in and i'm excited to see their shots as they are travelling around a lot. So guys: show me what you got ;)

My nominations are:

  1. the awesome Yvone from
  2. the very creative Jessica from
  3. my danish worldtravel-buddy Tobias from
  4. Doris, the girl with itchy feets from…well ;)
  5. …last but not least: nomadic Bianca who also provides beautiful pictures on
  • Great photos. I super like the photo you are most proud of! Coolness. :)

    • Steve

      Thx! Now i’m even more proud :)

  • What a fantastic collection of photos! My favorite it the very first one – the colors are just beautiful!

    Thanks for nominating me – I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, so now I really have to get to it! ;)

    • Steve

      Thx Jessica! – i guess you have a large archive to browse, huh?


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