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Tour through the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (Travel Video Blog 043)

Our group was simply amazing - Portugal, Austria, Germany and our friendly driver/tourguide/cook from Bolivia

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The tour through the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia was the highlight of my time in Bolivia. I went on a multi-day Jeep trip to explore the whole region – on the first day the world's largest salt flat was on the menu as well as a train graveyard, lamas and an island in the middle of nowhere. Have I mentioned the endless salt?


The Video: Tour through the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

After all the action I experienced in La Paz like Biking down the Death Road or doing a rappel down a skyscraper – I took the overnight bus to Uyuni to finally see the world's largest salt flat. The lanscape is impressive and as you might have already seen in the Photo Essay from Uyuni we have been lucky with the weather conditions and our tour operator. Moreover the group was a perfect combination of sympathetic people which made the experience even better (remember: you spend 3 days together with the same people in the same jeep).

Because we started our tour in Uyuni we came to see the train graveyard at the beginning – those trains were used to transport minerals to Chile decades ago. Afterwards we drove to some markets and finally reached the beginning of the salt flat – the next few hours we drove through a complete white area until we arrived at the “Isla del Pescado” where we had lunch (yes, we ate lama). The island got this name because it is shaped like a fish if you have a look at it from a distance in the rain season (because of the reflection).

Playing around, making funny pictures by using the surroundings is a MUST-DO on this trip and you can be very creative. Therefore the afternoon was more or less used for this before we went to our Salt Hostel.

In the following Video Blog Episode we will continue to see volcanos, lagoons, flamingos and I'll enjoy the hot springs before I leave Bolivia! For more information about the tour operator and some cool shots check out the post 23 stunning photos from Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia I published earlier.


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