Monthly Travel Video Roundup

Top 5 Travel Videos of September – monthly travel video roundup

What about a round the world trip before diving into the last quarter of the year? With my travel video roundup of September you can do so in only a few minutes: turn up the volume, grab some popcorn and lean back!

1) Berlin hyper-lapse

Berlin, Germany
special kind of timelapse
“… This video shows the result of a photographic journey to berlin from 12 may – 18 may 2012. I´ve spend 6 days in Berlin with excessive work, but the last 4 months were even harder. Whenever I had some time, I had to import and customize the NEF files before I equalized them with the great LR-Timelapse from Gunther Wegner. …” (from Vimeo Channel)

2) A day in Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
panorama timelapse video with beautiful angles
“… In my down time on work trips I like to film time lapses. For me it's a relaxing thing and it allows me to enjoy my environment since I have to sit there while the camera works for 15min – 5 hours. So recently in Rio De Janeiro I set out to film at some of the popular locations with amazing views. As you watch the video see if you can follow the links as I take you on a tour of the city. …” (from Vimeo Channel)

3) How to Van Camp – D-I-Why Not?

Foster shares how to camp in your van
“… Foster Huntington is a social media savant. This 24 year old, with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, was born and raised just outside Portland, Oregon and found himself doing concept design for Ralph Lauren in NYC after college. After getting a book deal with Harper Collins based on his successful blog “The Burning House,” he quit his job, bought VW 4X4 van and has spent the last year exploring the Southwest.
Now living in his van and directing social media for Patagonia, he divides his time between hitting the road in search of new terrain and camping in friends' driveways in Ventura. …” (from Vimeo Channel)

4) Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
shots from a holiday in Prague
“… Prague from 28 to 30 October …” (from Vimeo Channel)


Hawaii, USA
nice edit of a holiday in Hawaii with a GoPro
“… Scuba diving, cliff jumping, doors-off helicopter, 8-hour waterfall hike, sea caves rafting, surfing, lei-making, and more! …” (from Vimeo Channel)

That's it! What was your favorite travel video in September?

Share your recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

Featured image taken from Video 2)


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