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Top 3 (RTW) travel TV shows to watch before leaving

Like most of the travellers i also like to read travel related Blogs, Magazines and Books before or during a journey. Furthermore i like to watch Videos about places i want to visit in the future. There are quite a few really good travel TV Shows and Video Blogs out there – but i wanted to find those, which are more into round the world backpacking.
The last months I watched a lot of Videoclips and Documentations: with this list i want to share my Top 3 with you.

1) Departures

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”departures (official Website)”]Aimed at the adventure seeker, Departures is an action-packed and personal journey about two travelers. Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave their lives behind in search of unique experiences through some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth.[/blockquote]

My number one is definetely a must-see! The Show is about the canadian high-school friends Justin Lukach and Scott Wilson travelling the world. These days the 3rd Season is airing in North America.
The combination of funny hosts, a professional cameraman, action oriented travelstyle and amazing destinations make this show outstanding!

Official Website:
Watch online:


2) Madventures

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Madventures (official Website)”]Riku and Tunna got into backpacking in the 90’s and traveled extensively for years with a very small budget and a very great curiosity. Back in 2002 they started filming in the developing countries on the grassroots level and their first TV-series grew organically out of those days. [/blockquote]

These guys are as crazy as the title says: they eat the weirdest food and try out everything to get as deep into the culture of a country as possible.

Official Website:


3) Word Travels

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Word Travels (official Website)”]While travelling to exotic locations and writing about enlightening experiences may sound like an adventurous occupation, the life of a travel writer is not always as glamorous as it seems. WORD TRAVELS is a TV series that follows freelance journalist Robin Esrock and national travel columnist Julia Dimon as they battle deadlines, jetlag, culture shock – and each other – to file the best travel stories possible. [/blockquote]

Two young travelwriters going around the globe writing about and filming their adventures – seems to be THE real deal! ;)

Official Website:
Watch online: List of Channels on offical Homepage

What's your favourite travel related show / Videoblog?

Share your expreriences and recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

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