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Top 10 Flashmobs Around the World

I just saw some amazing Flashmobvideos from all over the world the last days and like to share some of the best with you. It really is very impressive how strangers come together and act together like they know each other for years, also the huge amount of people doing this is incredible.
The phenomenon “flashmob” shows how easy it is to do some amazing things together, even if you do not talk the same language – simply watch the following movies to understand what i'm talking about!

Chicago, USA – I gotta feeling

This is one of the biggest flashmobs ever – around 18.000-21.000 people took part in this dancing choreography while the Black Eyed Peas performed their song “I gotta feeling” at the Oprah event in Chicago:


Copenhagen, Denmark – Bedre Bustur

Not as big as the one from Chicago but the idea is just lovely. It's the birthday of the Busdriver Mukthar and he has no idea that a huge crowd likes to celebrate his birthday directly at his workplace:


Stockholm, Sweden – Bounce

At the amusement park “Gröna Lund” a group of around 270 people act in a funny dance performance:


New York City, USA – Freeze!

How would you feel if you'ld walk through a central station full of frozen people?


London, England – Hey Jude

This is what i call a Karaoke Party – 13.500 sing-along the song “hey jude” together with Pink:


Sydney, Australia – Towel Surfing

“Bondi Beach, home to some of the worlds greatest surfers, became home to a new surfing phenomenon today when Towel Surfing was born!”
– watch 200 people dance directly on the beach:


Europe – ESC whole Europe is dancing

I could not prove it exactly but it seems to be the biggest flashmob ever – during the Eurovision Songcontest 2010 whole Europe was dancing to the song “glow”. Definetely a must see:


Poznan, Poland – Shoot out

Around 1000 people came to a mall for a shoot out ;)


New York City, USA – Proposal

Again NCY – a flashmob organized for a proposal in the Washington Sqare Park:


Bristol, England – IKEA

Ok, we know the freezing thing already – nevertheless this is great, too. Watch people freeze in living rooms, kitchens and bed rooms at an IKEA-Store in England – acting like they would live there…hehe (unfortunately it's without sound but that doesn't matter):


So, what do you think is the best one?


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