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Things to do in Rosario – living the language (Travel Video 045)

Though it might be a bit colossal - sometimes it isn't

As already told in my latest photo essay from Rosario my intention to come here was to improve my spanish. When I left almost 2 months later I called this city my home in Argentina. In this episode I show you around with my spanish teacher Claudio and tell you what are the things to do in Rosario!


The Video: Things to do in Rosario, Argentina

First of all: I was really excited to produce my first video blog episode ever in spanish! Though it was challenging we had a lot of fun filming it as you can see in the bloopers at the end :)

I already started learning spanish about 2 years ago before I went for my first trip to South America. Nevertheless it is hard to keep the level after you return home as you aren't surrounded by the language anymore. Therefore I started to dive into the language again from the very first moment I entered this continent again, in november in Lima.

I forced myself to speak spanish as much as possible in Peru and Bolivia – it enriches your travel experiences! But I was still not at the level to have really long conversation, so I decided to finally take my first classes of spanish in Argentina.

Meanwhile I have met a lot of travellers who recommended getting in touch with Stephanie from Spanish in Rosario, a language school located in this city. A few Mails later everything was “listo” (arranged) and I found myself improving my spanish in private classes by walking through the city, talking about history and having asados (Barbecue) 3 weeks later. Therefore we came across the idea to speak spanish in this episode as well to “live the language” like I did.

If you like to visit South America soon I highly recommend learning the language to make the most out of your time. Rosario is a great place to learn the language in Argentina as the prices are not as high as in other parts of Argentina – moreover the whole setting isn't that touristy which makes you able to experience the real culture.

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Have you been to Rosario? Tell us more!

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My accommodation in Rosario was supported by Hostelbookers.com – together with Traveldudes they help me to show you South America on my #HolaGringo trip. Moreover my spanish classes were provided by Spanish in Rosario – thanks for a great time!
All the content I provide from my travels is completely my own – this goes for opinions and views as well as for recommendations.


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