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The Travel Blogging Community on Twitter – Tags, Events & People to follow

When i started this Blog i also created a Twitter Account to find like minded people, to connect and exchange tips, stories and ideas. During that time i stumbled upon various travel related Hashtags and Events and started to follow many travel bloggers. Use this article to get an overview about the most important Tags, Events and People of the Travel Blogging Community.

Travel Related Hashtags

Hashtags are used to mark tweets to understand which topic they are about – simply go to twitter and search for the mentioned hashtags by entering them into the search input field or use the tags for your own tweets. A hashtag always starts with a “#” on twitter.

#like 2 [hashtag serie©]
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: misspixels via Compfight

Unsurprisingly this is the most used tag for travel on Twitter. Most used if somebody tweets travel related content like Links to Blogposts, Articles or Pictures.

…is used for the Event Travel Talk on Twitter (more about this event in the next section) but also if you want to tweet a travel question or recommendations – quite similar to #travel.

Mostly used by the editors of Lonely Planet to share their articles. A lot of Travel Bloggers use it also to share articles that contain travel tips.

Stands for round the world – tweets that are tagged with this akronym are often posted by travellers who are on a round the world trip. It can also be used to ask questions or share recommendations about this kind of travel.

#rtwsoon the last-named this Tag is for tweets that contain information about the preparation of a round the world trip.

#traveltuesday (or #tt)
This is also used for an event but often people mark tweets with this tag if they want to recommend other Twitter users (like the popular Follow Friday).

‘#country' or ‘#city'
If you write a travel related tweet with a link in it you should always tag the country and/or the city to show what the content is about (e.g. Travel Tips for New York: #newyork #usa).

Travel Events

Like all events the travel events on Twitter are marked with a special hashtag to join the conversation easily. Most of this events take place on a certain day and have a fixed timeframe. To join the mentioned events just search for the related hashtags during the time the event takes place or follow the hosts.

Sunset Picnic in Paris
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

Travel Talk on Twitter
This is one of my personal favorite events – a large number of popular travel bloggers started TTOT in January 2011:

It was about time to have a travel event on Twitter, by topics that don't get dominated by sponsors who pay for it. So a mixed crowd of travelers and companies out of the travel industry started #TTOT = Travel Talk on Twitter

The TTOT takes place twice every tuesday – one session at 09:30 AM(GMT) and the other one at 09:30 PM(GMT). Each Tuesday there is a new topic to talk about – for that, 5 questions will be send out by the hosts of the talk every 10 minutes. All people who are in retweet the questions and answer them if they like, to do so they tag their tweets with #ttot and mark answers e.g. with “A1:…” (=answer for question number 1).
The TTOT is very popular and you have the chance to get in contact with new like minded travellers and bloggers – got to the official FB-Fanpage to see what the next TTOT is about.
The related Hashtag is #ttot, the hosts are @traveldudes, @roniweiss and @traveldesigned to name just a few.
[divider_padding] TNI/Travellers Night In
The Travellers night in was initiated by ZipSetGo and is another event where you can talk with people who are interested in travel related topics.

It’s fun, it's free and it's a great way to meet and learn from like-minded travelers!

Every Thursday the TNI takes place from 03:30 – 05:00 PM ET with a certain topic – you can check out the topics on the website of TNI.
The related Hashtag is #TNI, the hosts are @ZipSetRachel, @ZipSetAndrea, @GoApril and @ZipSetGo.
[divider_padding] Travel Tuesday
This event is a little bit different, because there is no certain topic or timeframe – like the name says it takes place every tuesday. So: use your tuesdays to talk about travel on twitter and mark this tweets with the related hashtag. Like mentioned above you ca also use it to give a shout out to some of your travel favorites.
The related Hashtag is #TravelTuesday or #tt.


Who to Follow?

There are a lot of great Travel Bloggers out there who provide travel related high quality content – also on Twitter you will find a lot of good recommendations, links and pictures. Here is just a small selection of my favorite Travel Tweeters.

Here we are.
Photo Credit: Brian M Forbes via Compfight

“… Love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider! For Travelers, By Travelers! & founder of Traveldudes. …”

“… A travel writer, blogger and adventure-seeker. Co-founder of WildJunket Magazine. Obsessed with languages, wildlife, cultural exchange and mojitos. …”

“… Enjoying the outdoors, mountains challenges. Sharing Travel, photography, and more. Travel Blogger at and VisitBritain. Contributor at HuffPost. …”

“… Avid traveller and creator of A fan of dupstep, cheese, beer and football (QPR). Needles, pigeons + onions are my nemeses. …”

“… World travel experts and passionate bloggers who also love Sports, food, the Beach and Beer! …”

“… traveling around the world — and writing — with cigar and beer. …”

“… Looking for a hostel recommendation? Ask us for a recommendation. …”

“… A quirky digital nomad who has been on the dusty trail for 6 consecutive years and is loving every minute of it. …”

“… German TV journalist, travel blogger, sushi junkie, dreaming about opening a coconut bikini company on a beach in Thailand, but for now love living in Berlin. …”

“… Traveler, blogger and photographer. I'm a one man National Geographic. I've traveled to over 100 countries and all 7 continents since March 2007. …”

…and of course you should not miss out to follow me: @BackPackerSteve ;)

Happy Tweeting!

That's it! What is your favorite travel related Hashtag or Event?

Share your recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

Featured Image from Flickr by Rosaura Ochoa.

  • Sandra

    Great Blog! Great Tips! I love to follow travel related blogs and people! #TTOT #TNI are the highlight of my week! Saludos

  • Thanks so much for including us Steve. Great tips for twitter- we love this platform and the travel talks and hashtags are a great way to connect and share with others.

  • Ian

    Thanks for the tips, Steve! :-)

  • Excellent tips. Thank you

  • What a great post. We are new to the travel blogging scene and this will help us join the community and share our posts with like minded people and help us boost our readers who we are connected with. Thanks for a great insightful post.

  • Very useful post… was looking for some more interesting travel related twitter accounts to follow and you just helped me find them!


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