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The day I got attacked and robbed in Argentina

The worst travel experience I ever had was also the most violent: about one week ago I got beaten up by 2 guys without any warning on my way to the hostel in Cordoba. In this video I speak about the attack, what happened afterwards and the reason why I love Argentina even more after the day I got attacked and robbed in Argentina.

About the video

Actually I didn't feel like recording a video blog episode after that at all. During the days afterwards I got so many reactions, questions and lovely EMails that I decided to put together this episode a week afterwards here in the La Lechuza Hostel in Rosario.

After experiencing all these lovely messages and the warm hearted people here in Argentina – first of all the people who helped me afterwards, the doctors and the staff from the Mate Hostel in Cordoba – I love this country even more. As far as I experienced traveling here for more than 6 months I am pretty sure that this was a thing which is totally not usual down here.

Moreover I learned a very important lesson: you should always be cautious while traveling, no matter how safe you feel even after a long time at the same place! As said bad things happen everywhere so you should be prepared: don't walk around with all you valuables, just with what you need for the next few hours – this helped me a lot, as I only had a copy of my passport with me and no credit cards. Also you should never leave the country without having a travel & health insurance!

I'm now almost recovered completely and have to thank you for your help, nice messages and comments – special thanks go out to my spanish school in Rosario who organized a doctor to take out my stitches and to my Sponsor Hostelbookers who raised some money for me in their office in London!

There is just one more week left here in South America before I return to Europe. Altogether I had a great time, met great people and I'm keen to return. Before I board my plane to Frankfurt I will spend the last days in Buenos Aires to film one or two more episodes for you. As you see in this video there are loads of episodes about to be published in the upcoming weeks (aprox. 17 episodes): from BoliviaUruguay, Patagonia, hitchhiking the Carretera Austral, White Water Rafting in Chile to a special episode about the importance of learning spanish when traveling South America. Moreover I will publish more Photo Essays and Travel Guides to give recommendations and impressions of the places you should check out on a tour here.
Therefore my summer in Europe is meant to be full of work but I'm also preparing for the next adventure where I'm about to travel to big cities in Europe like Moscow, Istanbul, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin and Berlin – for this I need to find 2 more sponsors. So: stay tuned and don't to forget to subscribe to my RSS-Feed, YouTube and the Newsletter!


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  • It was such a pleasure to help nurse you back to health…with alcohol.

  • hope you feel better now mate! You are right, that can happen anywhere and is no reason to generalize a country because of that. Good attitude…

  • In den Blogs ist meist wenig zu finden über die bittere Realität in Argentinien. Die Hälfte meiner Familie lebt dort, die meisten in BS: Oma wurde vor der Haustür überfallen und niedergeschlagen – wegen 20 Dollar Bargeld. Cousine und Cousin wurden zusammen mit ihren beiden Kinden auf der Schnellstraße angehalten: Bewaffneter Raubüberfall. Das Auto nahm man mit. Ein Freund, der gerade an der deutschen Schule unterricht, wurde vor einiger Zeit 500 m vor der Haustür überfallen und ausgeraubt. Zum Glück kam er ohne körperliche Blessuren davon. Bei all dem europäischen Flair wird leicht vergessen, dass die Hemmschwelle für Überfälle und Gewalt in Argentinien extrem niedrig liegt. Und das ist nicht neu.


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