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The 5 minute guide to work more productively while traveling

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As a Videographer and Blogger I have to edit, research, write, communicate, pitch and design most of the time while traveling. This isn't always as easy as it sounds if it comes down to get work done on time for my clients. Today I want to share some essential techniques to work more productively while traveling I figured out during the last 2 years.

1) Schedule Posts & Social Media

Before I leave for a long trip I always prepare some Posts on my Blog as a Buffer. There are different reasons for doing this: a) when you're on the road you often have to deal with unstable wifi connections, b) you are focussed on the current project and busy with all the stuff you do on the current location, c) if you have some problems on the road you still have a back-up for your audience who is waiting for content to be published on a regular base…

The same goes for Social Media – through Twitter I'm sharing helpful articles, photo essays or videos from other Blogs and Websites which I found to be recommendable. Therefore I can use great services like Buffer or HootSuite to schedule my posts and keep them coming even if I'm in the dessert without Internet. On my FB Fanpage I share pictures which I can schedule right there.

Tip: Use Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, the WordPress schedule option or the Facebook schedule option to prepare some content (psst! also YouTube has a schedule function!) – focus on answering questions and comments while on Tour.


2) No Notifications

If you really want to get stuff done on time you need to focus. Therefore you should close all Apps and Websites which could interrupt you through notifications. We are curious, that's our nature – if you're getting a notification of a comment on Facebook, a RT on Twitter or a new E-Mail you are willing to check it.

Tip: Disconnect from every Social Media service, close your Mail Program – if possible even turn of your mobile device. Trust me: the world outside will keep on going!

No notifications: put your mobile out of reach! By: Johan Larsson

3) Split your day into 90 min timeframes

I recently discovered this great article on the Buffer Blog about time management and productivity:

The basic understanding is that our human minds can focus on any given task for 90-120 minutes. Afterwards, a 20-30 minute break is required for us to get the renewal to achieve high performance for our next task again. (Source: Buffer Blog)

Tip: Plan your day by preparing small work package that can be done in 90 minutes, afterwards have a 20 min lasting break


4) Use waiting and transfer times

You should use the so called idle time as best as possible – while on the plane, in the bus or in a waiting area there is not much to do except of eating and drinking. Perfect conditions for reading EMails, other Blog articles or writing a new great article.

While traveling hours by bus through South America I often wrote down all the recommendations for the place I just left – these information are now the base for my upcoming travel guides.

Tip: prepare some work which can easily be done in ‘transfer mode' to make the best out of your time

Be able to work offline! By: photosteve101

5) Be able to work offline

There are still a lot of countries where Internet isn't available or as fast as you are used to at home. Instead of complaining about it you should find a way to deal with it.

Prepare for this kind of situations and use Services / Programs like Pocket or Feedly to make web articles available offline, use OffMaps to navigate without WiFi, get an offline Wikipedia solution and use an EMail Software to process your Mails and prepare some Mails to be send out when you are connected again.

Tip: find offline solutions for the tools you are using and prepare work packages which don't require an Internet connection


6) Rest and enjoy

Hey, you are in another country – you are able to discover a new culture, great landscapes, lovely people and even learn a new language? You should do so because rest times are the most important source to charge your batteries, moreover the mentioned experiences are essential for being more creative and happy!

Tip: don't stuff your day – safe some time to recover, experience the place you're at and be social


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Now you: any more tips you would add to the guide to work more productively while traveling?

If you have any tips or hints feel free to join the conversation – post a comment below and share your experience!
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