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Relaunch: is now easier to browse, optimized for mobile devices and offers new content

The new Landingpage of

After almost 3 years, more than 180 posts, 40 videos and loads of pictures it was time for a redesign. With the new version of I hope to provide a better user experience and moreover a new content structure featuring new travel related content & categories.

When starting back in September 2010 it was meant to be a tiny travel diary for my travels through Chile – since that day it grew every month by adding more tips, stories and videos. With that the variety of content and the different formats became wider and it became harder to simply browse the page.

New content structure

5 Content Categories

The focus is, like always, on videos. At the moment I'm working on a lot more episodes for the South American Video Series featuring destinations like Buenos Aires, Montevideo, La Paz, the Carretera Austral and Patagonia. The next months are going to be very exciting!

During my time down here I realized that more and more travelers are in need of some more personal Guides – of course a lot of you use the popular Lonely Planet to get a first idea of a destination. Nevertheless I got the best tips in Hostels, from other travelers, locals and also friends. Therefore I decided to write my own, very personal destination travel guides describing my experiences while traveling there. Moreover I figured out to get some great deals with touroperators and hostels – you are able to get them by using the mentioned keywords when booking.

Colors are symbolizing the different content categories
Colors are symbolizing the different content categories

Picture galleries are a great way to get an idea of a place before going. They also help to choose the next destination of your travels. I'm glad to feature some photos of great photographers in the section Photo Essays in the near future together with some of my pictures.
The same goes for the ressort Inspiration – meet some inspirational characters and get to know their travel stories. More than that I will provide some useful travel tips and lists you can use for your next or current trip.

Last but not least the popular 7 free things to do written by locals and other travel bloggers – it's a cool way to discover a new city without paying much for it.
All categories have their own color – with this color code I make it easier to differ the content sections. Furthermore you'll find the related color also in the article and the section itself to provide a better orientation where you are on the page (beside the breadcrumb navigation on the top of each article).

Category Slider for 7 free things
Category Slider for 7 free things

Mobile Focus

How many of you are using Smartphones? As I see it in the visitor statistics of my page and during my travels in hostels, buses, planes and cafes a lot of travelers love to use mobile devices to read travel blogs or for doing research on the next destination.
Since I also provided a mobile friendly version of my Blog before I decided to take the next step and mobilize all parts of the website for the best mobile user experience possible.

Mobile Version (Smartphone)
Mobile Version (Smartphone)

As for now you should be able to browse with almost all Smartphones and Tablets without any problems. Only the menu is still a bit challenging but I keep working on it.

New content

Oh yes – beside new Travel Video Episodes and Guides I'm currently working on new Mini documentaries and a new category where I review all Hostels I stayed at. At the end I'll provide a catalogue of Hostels in Europe and South America with ratings and pictures. Of course I will be honest and tell you the good stuff as well as the bad, like always.

Soon to come: Reviews
Soon to come: Reviews

So? The work goes on and if you find something which is not working don't hesitate to tell me via commenting or a simple message.

That's it for now – I hope you like it!


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