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Media Kit & References

I'm a professional Travel Blogger since September 2012 – after more than 4 years this Website became a popular resource for independent travelers from around the world. Started as a Blog Back-Packer.org turned into a personal bilingual Travel Magazine with a clear content structure of travel guides, practical tips, videos and photos.

Apart from that I work as a Videographer/TV Host for DW TV and offer Video production as well as Consulting Services (see Services).


Blog Statistics


Social Media Statistics

I'm glad to have a huge community interacting with me every day. I built up all my channels organically without buying fans or followers to ensure to have only “real” followers with a better engagement rate and a stronger relationship to the content I provide.

Instagram Engagement through likes (source: statigram)
Instagram Engagement through likes (source: statigram)
  • Twitter Follower: 14.000
  • Facebook Fans: 8.400
  • Instagram Fans: 13.500
  • YouTube Subscribers: 14.000
  • YouTube Views / month: 120.000



According to the demographics from Facebook and Google Analytics the readers of Back-Packer.org are young, adventurous, independent travelers:

  • Age: 20-35
  • High Social Media Engagement
  • focused on independent travel
  • Origin: D-A-Ch (45%), USA, UK, Canada, Australia


Why work with Steve?

“… Video is the wave of the future as it lets people really feel they are there. Instead of giving people a sliver of the action through stills and prose, it’s giving them a piece of the pie and a real taste for the place. …” (by Rob Lloyd)

  • i love what i do
  • i help people with their travel plans, problems and questions
  • as many travel industry expert say travel video is the evolution of travel media
  • i'm real & authentic and so are my videos – though i write storyboards i feel free in front of the camera and don't act
  • as an official Videographer for Traveldudes I'm able to publish videos on Traveldudes and use their Social Media power as well in certain projects
  • concepts are my base – a lot of my past customers say that i'm good in organizing (is it because i'm german?)
  • you get the local point of view – through couchsurfing and slow travel i'm always in search of the experience off the beaten path
  • 9 years experience in Social Media, UX and Webtechnologies
  • i'm not only contributing – i jump into the conversation with my readers, viewers, followers and try to answer almost all questions and reactions i get
  • my media is mobile optimized – i guess you know that mobile web is becoming more and more popular, so my Blog is mobile optimized as well as my videos
  • i'm not a couch potato – though for blogging i sometimes sit on the couch, when it comes to travel i like to be active: i love hiking, snowboarding, surfing, sports and look forward discovering new action activities


Recent projects & References

See what recent partners, customers and of course my readers have to say to get a better idea of my work.

Euro 2012 for VisitDenmark & DBU
I went on a Blogtrip to the European Football Championship in Lviv, Ukraine for one week. Beside watching football matches i produced Videoblogs with the danish Blogger Tobias to capture the atmosphere.
We were invited by VisitDenmark (danish tourism board) & DBU (danish football Association) to the danish Camp and made some funny challenges to prepare for the match between Denmark and Germany.

“…Steve Hänisch has during the European Football Championship 2012 conceptualized, planned and executed an impressive video-blogging and social media campaign for VisitDenmark, Germany.

Besides being a joy and great fun to work with, Steve is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas, involve and inspire his surrounding to take part and is very professional. He has successfully developed several video- and blog post for the campaing that have resulted in increased interest from our German, Danish as well as foreign football fans. Moreover he has been able to spread the message of the campaign through his well-established twitter-, blog- as well as facebook channels and on top integrated the press as well. I found Steve to be reliable, goal-oriented person and brings in a broad range of skills, which can leverage each campaign or project.

I enthusiastically recommend Steve – he is willing to go beyond what is required to make a campaign a success….”
(Anh Thi Van Nguyen, Marketing VisitDenmark)

Marketing Video for German IA Summit 2012
I was invited by the organizers of the german Information Architecture summit to Essen for creating a marketing video about the conference.

“… I had the pleasure to work with Steve on several projects. He was always very professional and his deliverables of high quality. His videos have been exactly what we were looking for to sum up our conference in a short and dynamic way – moreover the communication was great and straight to the point.
I am looking forward to work with him again soon! …”
(Jan Jursa, Co-Founder German IA Summit)

Travel Videos about Portugal, VisitPortugal & VisitPorto
I went to Portugal for the TBU conference, after the conference i was invited for a trip to the north of Portugal by VisitPortugal. In Porto as well as on the trip i produced travel videos which are published as part of my europe travel video series.

“… Thank you for your kind words! It was a great pleasure to welcome you in Porto. Your video is great, it really helps a lot promoting Porto and the North in different prespectives. …”
(Rui Borges, VisitPorto)

Comments of Readers
Of course my audience is what it is all about here and the other channels of back-packer.org – so let me line out some of the comments:

“… This is an awesome post and I would want to explore Berlin in this way. When I get to Berlin myself, I hope to see these 🙂 …”
(Wends on 7 free things to do in Berlin)

“… Your travel experience encouraged me to find a new life style. Thanks 🙂 …”
(Xin on Tobias: World Traveler since 3 years – a travel documentary)

“… Thanks for all the advice. I’ll be there in a few weeks! …”
(Arianwen on Backpacking Chile: Things to do in the Atacama Desert)


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