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How to book a Flixbus Ticket online (in english)

Traveling by Bus is the cheapest way to travel Germany. Flixbus is one of the main remote bus companies offering more than 500 connections within the country. Unfortunately the Flixbus online booking system is only available in German – I help you through the process with this step-by-step guide.

If you've never traveled through Germany by Bus you might be interested in the Flixbus Review I wrote about my experience of traveling from Hamburg to Cologne.

1) Go to the Flixbus-Homepage

To book your ticket simply keep this window open and follow the instructions, now go to the Flixbus Website

2) Choose Route

If you're not aware of all possible connections: here you can find a map which shows you all possibilities. If you found your connection go back to the homepage. For this example we use a Flixbus from Hamburg to Berlin.

3) Initial Form

the initial booking form – 3)

Fill out the form by entering:
– your place of departure (a),
– your destination (b),
– departing date (c),
– check the return-option if needed (d) and
– enter your returning date (e),
– the number of passengers (f),
– number of reduced (only for children between 4-14 years and severely disabled persons) tickets (g)
…and finally press the orange button.

4) Time & Luggage

Time and Luggage
Time and Luggage – 4)

– a suitable time (a),
– number of additional (>2) luggage (b),
– number of oversized luggage like Ski/Snowboard/Surboard/Bikes (c) and
– opt-in if you like to compensate the CO2 emission by donation (d).
Press the orange “Weiter” Button.

5) Quick Registration

registration - 5)
registration – 5)

To keep things easy simply choose ‘without registration' = “Ohne Anmeldung” (a) and fill out the form:
– title: Herr=Mr./Frau=Mrs. (b),
– first name (c),
– surname (d),
– e-mail (e-f) and
– choose your method of payment (g).
I recommend using a credit card or PayPal – I'll use a Visa for the following steps. Press the orange “Weiter” Button.

6) Terms & Conditions

accept the legal stuff - 5
accept the legal stuff – 6)

Once again check the data and opt-in to accept the terms & conditions and data protection rules (a) to continue, make sure to opt-in for EMail delivery of the e-ticket (b). Press the orange “Weiter” Button.

7) Payment

Payment process - 7)
Payment process – 7)

Now you enter the payment process. Fill out the form with all required data e.g. for payment via credit card:
– credit card number (a),
– expiration date: month (b) / year (c) and CVC/CSC (d).
Press the Button to finish.

8) Download & Print

Download the PDF with your ticket (you should also have an EMail in your Inbox with the PDF). Now just show up on time at the right station (address on the ticket) with the printed ticket.

Safe travels!

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Cool: an almost all routes you can use free WiFi in the busses, photo by flixbus
Cool: on almost all routes you can use free WiFi in the busses, photo by flixbus

Have you been traveling with FlixBus? Any Questions?

Share your experience and questions by posting a comment below – as website are changing quick I try to keep the information here up to date, so feel free to get in touch if you realize some changes!
Disclosure: I wrote this article due to the fact that I got asked a few times about the booking process in english. The bus company has not been involved in the creation process. I used this company several times from and to Hamburg and liked their service, so I have no problem recommending it to you (and using my affiliate link).
Featured image by FlixBus.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting in the work to create this site!! It was very helpful.
    Greatly appreciate it!

  2. If there is 2 persons on the ticket it is fine – it’s not mandatory to have all the date for bus travel for each passenger 😉

  3. I got a little confused: So ticket needs to be printed ? or showing the PDF for scanning will be enough.
    Superb site BTW. I’ll be a frequent visitor. I loved your Sofia information, really helpful to me.

    1. Hi Markus – I just checked with Flixbus and they say it is totally fine to have it on your device as they just need to scan it (so make sure your phone/tablet is charged).

      So..no need to print it!

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