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From Denmark to Ukraine by Bike for Euro 2012

I hate planning. I love traveling. I love to travel without plans.
Three weeks ago I really felt like doing some serious exercise and thought that to combine a psychical challenge with some traveling would be just the perfect life in my world. This my story how i went from Denmark to Ukraine by bike for Euro 2012.

So I contacted this guy who owns a bicycle shop near my home in Denmark to ask for a bike I could borrow – in addition I ordered a journey-trailer for luggage – and a week later I was good to go.
And why not head to the east and the EURO 2012?

It was such an amazing feeling of totally freedom to leave from my home address (and not an airport) without anything else than my bike and a bag.

Off I was and the first days to Hamburg (350 km.) were tough but my adventurousness gave me lots of energy. I met Steve through CS in Hamburg and stayed in his flat for a couple of days – we went to watch the friendly match DK-BRA at Imtech Arena, he guided me through the city and did some filming. You always meet incredible personalities when traveling, right?

a short break on the way to poland

Off I was again and now I headed east through Ludwigslust, Neuruppin and Bad Freienwalde to the German-Polish border. On my way I stayed with some kind of weird witch in the east german forests; well I knocked the door of this random house where this cross-eyed lady with curly hair led me in for the night. Her house were like a castle with so many rooms that I felt as a lost boy in a gigantic labyrinth. Some rooms had meter high porcelain dolls who all looked sad and worried other rooms had beds so big that you seriously had to do a climb to get up there. When the dark took over and the spooky sounds appeared the lady began to tell stories about how she had been beaten by her husband and how an african hacker now watched every move she made in her home to steal the fortune she assured to own. I had a restless night of sleep after these horror-stories!

Off i was again, excited to enter Poland, exited to see if a big sport event actually affect the small villages. My first stop was in Lubniewice where a Polish/Syrian family invited me into their home. Here were no signs of EURO at all. But signs of hospitality were rather plenty: got a real bed, they cooked Syrian food and helped me with directions for my next stage. I played with their three young brothers who were adopted as their mother was an alcoholic. It was so wonderful to see the kids smiling and laughing in the garden – what a miracle they ended up here!

so much hospitality in Lubniewice

Later I rolled through Poznan where I saw a city of incomplete roads and non-functional traffic lights – but in spite of roadworks and chaos the inhabitants seemed happy and in mood for a big football-party.

At this time my ass was so sore that I had to change position every 5 km. to endure the pain. At least I never felt alone along the polish roads as the prostitutes were giving me lots of smiles and winds of attractive parfumes! Thanks prostitutes.

And of cause the grand opening with the Danish and German victories also helps when I'm sweating and exhausted on the bike. Looking forward for the upcoming group B matches!!!

Thanks Poland. This is indeed unpredictable.
When does my trip ends? Nobody knows… And that's what I like.


About Tobias

I´m a boy from Denmark, born 1988, and my name is Tobias. Since highschool and a short visit to a university which I left to do some hitchhiking, I am now traveling on my fourth year. I don't know what the future will bring and I don't worry about it. I believe curiousness will make you have a good time and I'm sure that everyone has some love to share. See you out there…



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