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Cusco in one day: Sacsayhuaman, San Pedro Market & Inca history (Videoblog 035)

I am going local – again I show you what to see and do in Cusco in one day. I stayed more than one week in this old Inca city in Peru and created an itinerary that shows you more of the city than just the old buildings.

the video: Cusco in one day

About: Cusco in one day

First of all my idea was to checkout the main sites of the city and talk about the history of the Incas. The longer I stayed in Cusco and the more I discovered made me think about it: why not also show the local experiences – the real Cusco beyond the touristic facade?
The truth is: the longer your stay is the more you are in need of this – Cusco is a well developed tourist city, welcoming travelers from all over the world on their way to Machu Picchu. Most of them enjoy the modern restaurants, the good infrastructure and visiting the main sites before moving on.

Of course you should not miss to visit the Plaza de Armas or the impressive cathedral on your visit – but to enrich your experience try out the Mercado San Pedro, a tasty juice and have a look around. Proove your spanish by having some chats with the ladies at the stands or even bargain in spanish to get the best price for those funny lama socks.
Had a blast? Then you're ready for the next spot: the local school right around the corner from the market. You can usually enter the school without problems and have a look around – in former times the children used to arrive with their donkeys and “parked” them in front of the school (just imagine that on your way out of the school).

After a walk around the Plaza de Armas you can have a quick snack to be prepared for the way up. We are now heading north to the Inca site Sacsayhuaman and the white Statue of Cristo Blanco which overlooks Cusco. Take it easy and get some water – the high altitude makes you feel at least 10 years older. Nevertheless the way is not too long and if you turn around you can enjoy great views.
After around 15-30mins you should reach the Inca wall complex of Sacsayhuaman – you can decide if you like to enter it and have a closer look or rather go directly to the mirador oposite of it. If you choose the second option you will be overwhelmed by a great panoramic view above the city, standing on more than 3700m. The views from here are the perfect preparation for your upcoming adventures – take a deep breath, make some nice pictures and simply enjoy the scenery before heading down and having a nice dinner.

If you like to know where to eat, party and sleep and all the other activities- checkout the Cusco Travel Guide with all information.

Have you ever been to Cusco? Anything to add to Cusco in one day? Tell us more!

If you have any tips or hints feel free to join the conversation – post a comment below and share your experience!
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My accommodation in Cusco was supported by Hostelbookers.com – together with Traveldudes they help me to show you South America on my #HolaGringo trip.
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