CouchSurfing Invasion Hamburg 2012

As mentioned a few times ago i'm also a passionate CouchSurfer – it's a great community and i got to know so many awesome people since i joined around 5 years ago. During the last 2 years i hosted people from all around the world but also took part in different meetings and activities connected to CS in my hometown Hamburg.

Approximately 2 months ago a group of local Couchsurfers (me included) met the first time to plan a big Invasion Camp in Hamburg: numerous meetups later im excited to tell you that we handled out pretty much everything to have an awesome weekend in Hamburg with around 250 CouchSurfers from all over the place.

Ever since Hamburg has been one of the World’s most important harbour cities with many sailors visiting far away from their home. Here they found the Reeperbahn which is very close to the harbour and they loved to go out there after a long trip – they found everything they missed during the long time on high seas: red light district, pubs & bars and live music – but Hamburg has much more to offer:

Two days of tours, activities, grilling, chilling, beach-sitting and big parties are being planned. Reserve the dates and look for hosts and surfers and ride shares!

More info can be found on the official homepage – check it to see what the schedule is about and which tours we plan to do :

CS Invasion Hamburg

Registration will be handled directly here on the Page:




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