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Copacabana, Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna (Travel Videoblog 040)

isla del sol
Die Tour zur Isla del Sol ist eine absolute Empfehlung!

The Bolivian part of the Lake Titicaca is the Budget option for Backpackers: a visit of Copacabana, Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna is unbelievably cheap and offers stunning views and a unique landscape. In this videoblog episode I tell you a bit about the origin of the name ‘Copacabana' and take you to the mentioned islands.

the video: Copacabana, Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna

The small village of Copacabana was my first stop in Bolivia and I was surprised how cheap it is compared to Peru. It made me stay for a few days and I really enjoyed it to take a break, get some sun and hang out for a bit. Beside the walk up to the viewpoint where I filmed the intro and outro of the video I went on one of the combined Isla de la Luna & Isla del Sol boat trips.

If you want to do the same keep in mind that you don't have that much time if you want to do both in one day – my recommendation: do it in 2 or even 3 days! The Isla de la Luna is really small, instead you should spend most of your time on the bigger Isla del Sol where you can go for a hike and also stay overnight. Moreover you have the possibility to visit numerous inca ruins all over the island.

p.s.: If you are keen to see the floating Islands and Puno click through the Puno Travel Guide and watch the video from the Island tour. Even from the next stop in Bolivia I already published the Travel Guide La Paz.

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My accommodation in Copacabana was supported by Hostelbookers.com – together with Traveldudes they help me to show you South America on my #HolaGringo trip.
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  • I really liked Isla del Sol, truly a special place. I absolutely agree that it’s a good idea to spend a night on the island, providing a little more time to explore at a more leisurely place. Copacabana is also a very good place to chill out for a bit if your body, mind and soul are telling you that they need a rest.

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