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Biking the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia (Videoblog 034)

Biking the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia is one of the MUST-DOs for adventure seeker traveling Bolivia. I decided to do this Mountainbike adventure on my birthday – this is why I publish this special edition before all the other stuff from Peru. Moreover I opted in for the Zip-Line afterwards.

Biking the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia: the video

About “Biking the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia”

The Yungas Road is located not far away from La Paz and better known as the worlds most dangerous road due to the fact that since its construction in 1930s thousands of people died using the road. Sheer drops of partly more than 6,500 feets and a really narrow road are the reason for this. A few years ago a new road was built but the old route is still in use – but with much less traffic.

Nowadays you are able to bike down this thrilling road with a proper mountainbike – there are a lot of companies offering these tours. Possibly the one with the most experience and the best bikes is “Gravity Assisted Mountainbike” – Alistair Matthew, the owner, was the guy who made this adventure popular and commercialized it more than 10 years ago. This is why I contacted him and we figured out to make the tour happen on my birthday for me ;)

If you want to do this tour as well: do not hesitate! It was so far one of my best experiences here in South America – going down from 4.650m to 1.500m on a 42km long road. As stated there are a few operators and the prices vary: Gravity is the most expensive one for the mentioned reasons – but if it comes down to this kind of adventures you should once in a while go for a better operator to make it a safe experience.


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My accommodation in La Paz is supported by Hostelbookers.com – together with Traveldudes they help me to show you South America on my #HolaGringo trip. The Bike Tour as well as the Zip-Lining experience where sponsored by Gravity Bolivia – thanks for that!
All the content I provide from my travels is completely my own – this goes for opinions and views as well as for recommendations.



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