7 Videos to prepare for the snow season

Fall is over here in Europe and Winter is coming – the first snowflakes came down the last week. Due to the fact that many people are heading to the snowboard and skishops to buy some presents for their beloved ones for christmas, i decided to publish a post that will get you into the right mood before you grab your board/skiers. The pre-season in the alps has just begun and the first Pro's are in the mountains and they produced some videos i'll show you here – pretty new & fresh!

1. Snow Porn – See What Mu Sees

Burton, one of the big snowboardbrands out there has an online video series called “Snow Porn” – in this episode you can follow Pro “Stephan Maurer” and see what it feels like to board down the hill from his persepctive:


2. All i can – Street Segment

At the moment the following clip is one of my favourite – video footage, location and skiing skills are awesome. This segment is just a part of the 70min Movie “All i can”, which won a few awards in the niche of adventure films this year:


3. Jetlag

Boarders Niklas Eriksson and Matt Walker went to Hintertux Glacier, Austria these days for some early season laps:


4. Cheryl Maas Open Air

Cheryl is one of the female Pro Boarder – this clips shows here skills:


5. The Art of Flight

This Snowboardmovie is -without a doubt- THE movie to watch this year featuring a crew around starring Travis Rice. I had the luck to watch the Art of flight in the cinema, but it's also available on the internet (e.g. iTunes):


6. This is Snowboarding

LAURI HEISKARI shows what snowboarding is about – shredding ;)


7. The Denali Experiment

Last but not least i'll show you a clip about an expedition to the highest mountain in North America – the Mt McKinley. It's a documentation featuring the North Face Team with free-ride skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and big mountain snowboarder Lucas Debari:


What's your favourite pre-season video?

Share your recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

Featured Image taken from the Clip 5).


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