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7 Songs about cities around the globe

Maybe these songs make you want to travel to one of the mentioned cities. The following list is a collection of well known songs – some are quite old but still great to hear!

1. Tokyo, The Wombats

At the moment this Song is in the top 5 of my Playlist: it is from the new album “This modern glitch” from the Liverpool based band.


2. City of Blinding Lights (London), U2

Did you ever knew that this song is about London? Well it is and the popular band from ireland got a grammy for it in 2008 in the category “Best Rock Song”.


3. Loco in Acapulco (Mexico), The Four Tops

Beach time! This song from the Soul Band “The Four Tops” was their last top-ten hit in 1989. Great stuff!


4. Dickes B (Berlin), Seeed

Of course there has to be one song from my homecountry ;) But i'ld not mention it if it would not be a good song – this one has the groove!


5. Miami, Will Smith

Back into the sun – Miami, “the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn”. Yiiiha!


6. Englishmen in New York, Sting

Sometimes you feel like a stranger in a city abroad – true words, Sting.


7. Californication (Los Angeles), Red Hot Chilli Peppers

There are a lot of songs about L.A. from the great RHCP, but this one is my favourite :D.


So, finally i want to ask you: What is your favourite city song?

  • Chili peppers for californication!? For a California song, I’d say Phantom Planet’s California over that.

  • Steve Hänisch

    Good point, dave – not on my radar.But californication is still my favourite..btw: what is THE song for your hometown?

  • Just returned from Miami… ;)

  • That’s a good question man. For my exact hometown, I don’t think there is a song, haha. If you are talking about Chicago in general though, I’d say it’s either Sweet Home Chicago or My Kind of Town. Both are fairly old songs, but that is the style of Chicago.

  • Steve Hänisch

    i did some research about chicago and got a long list of songs with e.g. snoop dog, kanye west, the stones or the bee gees ;) – have a look:

    in germany there is also a popular song about chicago from “Clueso” it is called….Chicago:


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