7 free things to do Hamburg

7 free clubs at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg to party at

The following list features some pretty nice free clubs at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg i recommend to visit on your stay. I sorted the list geographically: if you start at UBahn Station “St.Pauli” you can use it for a great pubcrawl!

Nearly every Couchsurfer i hosted told me that Hamburg is the Place to Party in Germany. The reasons for this? Well, first of all it's pretty cheap to go out here: you do not have to pay entrance fees for most of the clubs and there are fair prices for drinks (especially the local beer). Moreover the clubs mentioned in this Post are in one big Partyarea at St.Pauli (in Hamburg you have 2 more big Partyareas: the Schanze and Altona) very close together – thats perfect for making a pubcrawl!

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1) Hörsaal

Reeperbahn © by abbilder

The Name of this Club is the german word for "Lecture Hall", but this one is not a student only club – the style of this location is as funky as the music is. Start your tour here after midnight.

Adress: Talstraße 12
Website: www.hoersaal-hamburg.de


2) Sommersalon

Spielbudenplatz © by swusch

Here you'll find quite the same music style like in the Hörsaal (good mix of funk, hip hop and R&B – old and new school.), but the surrounding is a little bit different (70's style). If you walk around you can find some interesting gadgets: do you know any club where you can sit in a bumper car directly next to the dancefloor?

Adress: Hamburger Berg 6
Website: www.sommersalon.de


3) Molly Malone

Astra Beer © by pr1001

Now it's time to enjoy some live music! After a short walk (5min) on the main street you are at the Hans-Albers-Platz (turn left where the advertising column is located): here you'll find the Irish Pub named Molly Malone.
Grab a beer (e.g. the local Astra) and sing along!

Adress: Hans-Albers-Platz 14
Website: www.molly-malone-hh.de


4) Ex-Sparr

Ex-Sparr © by obvio171

The Hamburger Berg is the students area at the Reeperbahn – the street is located diagonally opposite of the Hans-Albers-Platz (between the Casino and KFC). The first Pub to enter is the Ex-Sparr: a small club with good atmosphere where everybody has to dance. Why? Like all of the clubs at the Hamburger Berg it is really crowded – believe me: you get used to it!

Adress: Hamburger Berg 4
Website: www.myspace.com/exsparr


5) Rosis Bar

Paul Ansell -Rosis © by neoCine

Great Bar! If you enter it you'll feel like coming out of a time-machine: cultic interior and 60's music (but also funk, soul). Like every bar around there is also a really good foosball table – time to challenge!

Adress: Hamburger Berg 7


6) Roschinsky's

White Russians © by oosp

Rock'n'Roll! This is the place to be if you are more into rocking pubs. Time for some shots or a white Russian (the last i had here was not bad).

Adress: Hamburger Berg 19
Website: www.roschinskys.de


7) 3 Zimmer Wohnung

Table Football © by jonboy mitchell

We have to finish at one of the coolest Spots, from my point of view: the 3 Zimmer Wohnung (3 Room Appartment). Indeed the whole bar is designed like an appartment: order your beer in the kitchen, sit down at the couch in the living room or relax on the bed in the bedroom (where also the foosball table is located). The perfect place to relax, chat with people and have a look back at a great evening!

Adress: Talstraße 22 (parallel street of Hamburger Berg)
Website: www.drei-zimmer-wohnung.com


You've been there, too? Any free clubs at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg you are missing here?

Share your expreriences and recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

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  • Katie

    Thanks for this list! I’m headed to Hamburg this weekend. First post I read was this (http://www.germany-travel.org/reeperbahn-hamburg/) and I was really wondering if prices are way higher in Hamburg than say, in Berlin. Well, now I know that I can do Hamburg on the cheap – err, free!

  • If you like RNB and hip-hop make sure to check out the “rote laterne” near hans-albers-platz. Quite small but nice music ;)


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