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7 best action activity videos from round the world

A lot of travellers use their journeys also to try new activities – they do bungee jumping in New Zeeland, canyoning in the Alps of Austria, skydiving in the USA or snowboarding in Canada. There are some pretty cool videos of people doing this on YouTube and Vimeo – this is my selection of the 7 best videos.

1) Best of 2011

Ok, it is an Ad for a camera but this collection is awesome and the clips are outstanding:

2) Experience Human Flight, Australia

Skydiving is on top of my list of action adventure things i want to do in the near future. The following video makes you also want to do that!

3) Wakeskating

Sliding on a lake with your Sneakers on – how cool is that?

4) Wingsuit / Extreme Base Jumping

The feeling when doing this extreme Base Jumping must be awesome, but i would never do it ;)

5) Highlining in Norway

“Sick!” This was the first thing that came up my mind when i saw this Documentation: crazy, breathtaking and thrilling!

Highlining pioneers Tancrede and Julien have come to the spectacular and atmospheric cliffs of the norwegian fjords to try and turn their ultimate dream into reality.

6) Madrid Longboard, Spain

This is a pretty cool trend these days: take one of these long skateboards and discover your city in a different way:

7) Surfing a super wave, South Pacific

Let's finish with a surfclip – but this time i chose a short Super Slo-mo video. Ready for the next big wave?

What's your favourite action activity video?

Share your recommendations with the readers by adding a comment!

Featured Image taken from the Clip 1).


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